Apr 02

Unexpected Things That Could Be The Cause Of Dark Lips

healthy lipstHave tried various means to regain hue of pink on your lips but still can not? Hmm, the fault may not lie in the products used. This can occur because some unexpected things here which are the cause of dark lips.

1. do not Remove Lipstick properly

You may never realize this. Do not remove lipstick correctly is one of the causes of dark lips, let alone on the use of a matte lipstick. You have to really clean up the rest of the lipstick because remnants that would accumulate in the skin of the lips can affect pigment of your lips. If necessary, exfoliate Your lips on twice a week so that all the dead skin cells on the lips can be raised.

2. Frequent Licking the lips

This is the bad customs that you might not realize. Licking lips and wetting with saliva will make your lips are getting dry. When the skin is dry lips, then Your lip color pigments can transform into darker.

3. The lips are too dry

Don’t Let Your lips in case of conditions dry for quite a long time. The lips are left dry can also be the cause of lip color turn dark. Bring lip balm in Your makeup pouch. If your lips feel dry, you can use it with ease. Moreover, multiple drink mineral water so that Your lips health also helped from inside.

4. Smoking habit.

It’s almost impossible to get a pink hue on the lips if smoking habit cannot you leave. The nicotine in cigarettes is one of the causes of your lip pigment turns into dark. In addition to being the cause of the darkening of the color of the lips, smoking is also not good to do you make to your health?

5. Sun exposure

Exposure to continuous sunlight can make the facial skin to become darker. The same thing applies to your lips. To prevent this, use a lip balm has SPF to protect your lips from sun exposure.

Apr 01

Tips To Overcome Dry Skin Around The Lips

healthy lipsUsually, besides the skin vulnerable to dry lips chapped, and the area around the corner of the lips also often experience similar things. Forever or are currently experiencing this problem, usually so less confident, because in addition to creating the look of lipstick is not a maximum, the foundation looks drier in that area, and condition dry skin seems so sign if you are less pay attention to the health of the skin. Well, if you want to address this, but still confused to find the right solution, try to take a moment to obtain the solution through the article below.

Causes of dry skin around the lips

There are various things that can be the cause of the drying of the skin in the area of the corner of her lips. In addition to the 3 things that spelled out Nadya through this article, there are also 3 other factors that often so the causes of dry skin at the corners of the lip area, namely:

The Habit Of Licking The Lips

Common habits that do a lot of these people, it turned out to be one of the main factors cause the corner lip area looks dry. Instead of making the lips moist, lips lick habit could thus make the skin becoming increasingly dry. Saliva will evaporate quickly which ultimately make the condition of the skin becomes drier, even more than before. Not only on the lips, this condition can also be experienced skin around the corner of the lips. Well if you feel the skin around the lips dry, does not hurt to make use of humidifiers such as lip balm than lick lip area.

Too Long Soaking In Hot Water

When the air is cold enough, usually using the hot water bath so one of the many chosen people. But you know, for too long or frequent use hot water bath can give bad effect to the skin. High water temperature will make the natural oils in the skin so the skin feels uplifted opt in to dry. Especially if you use this water for washing the face. The skin area around the corner of the lips will easily look dry and flaky.

Allergy treatment products with alcohol content and Fragrance

For owners of sensitive skin, you need to be careful in choosing cleaning products oral or skin care applied near the area of the lips. Since most products containing alcohol and Fragrancerentan make the skin around the area of the lips become dry even irritation. To overcome this, it’s worth to pay attention to the content of lip balm, toothpaste, and SOAP facial cleanser you.

How to fix dry skin near the corner of the lips

If you’ve already experienced the problem of dry skin in the area around the lips, you should immediately do care so that no skin condition is getting worse. Here’s a variety of ways that you can choose to restore the skin’s humidity around the corner of the lips:

Use a Moisturiser or Lip Balm

Applying Moisturiser to the skin is the first action that you need to do. In addition to the usual Moisturiser products, you can also apply a lip balm products outside the line of the lips to help to dam skin texture. If using humidifiers, preferably choose a high content of moisturized and does not contain material that is prone to irritation effect, Yes.

Use Sunscreen

The use of sunscreen is necessary not only on areas of the body are exposed directly to the Sun, such as arms and legs. Face skin mainly on the outside of the lips will also need the protection so as not to dry. Because of the scorching sun exposure not only make dry lips but also the surrounding skin areas. But don’t select the product origin Yes, be sure to use a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher level.

Drinking whitewater

In addition to various topical treatments, you also need to look at the whitewater intake. Due to lack of fluid in the body not only makes dehydration but also makes the display of skin looks dry and rough. If the area of the lips already looked dry, you need to immediately drink plain water with an appropriate measure. Or try to consume a glass of water after you perform the treatment in the area of the mouth such as brushing your teeth and using mouthwash. If it is easy to forget, take advantage of some of the types of applications that will assist you in meeting the needs of the liquid.

Mar 31

The Key Strategies In Order To The Firmly Maintain The Diet

strategiesdietHave a diet resolution for this year, you can start now. Diet is certainly not easy, there will be a lot of temptations makes you shaky so decided to stop trying and finally you find stagnant results, i.e. failed diets. Don’t want right always ends like this when you wanted to get to work and see the results. If you want to diet success, then this is what you need to diet intentions not just intention only.

1. start with the small things and preserve

No need to make changes while still getting started. Major changes and suddenly will make you surprised. It is better to start with the little things and slowly so that the body can also adapt to healthy changes. Start by changing your diet, start slowly by eating fruit and vegetables only, avoid foods that contain high carbohydrates. Avoid junk food, replace the snacks with fruit, and others such as the banana fruit is good because it contains pure fiber that will launch your digestion.

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2. Plan clearly

When you start, you should already know exactly what to do and would like to change. By setting the schedule, giving a clear picture of yourself, you so know what to do each day and how many hours you do, for example, set menu to eat every day, when to eat and when to stop the sport.

3. Ignore the question “are already down?”

Run the diet is indeed challenging, let alone when your friends are always questioned, ‘ already down? ‘ Thought to be thin can happen in a day? Do not think of their questions, because sometimes the questions it could lose the spirit of your diet. The diet was sustainable action, enjoy the process. You can’t see the changes instantly. Remember, that ye being fat is not in the blink of an eye, so any cannot skinny in the blink of an eye.

4. When of the sport, the most sports do you like

Some people have trouble finding a passion for a sport so it must seek pinta pinta-physical activity really interested and make him want to do it again and again. If your favorite sport is swimming, then do as much of that as often as you can. If aerobic gymnastics could spur your spirit, then do as long as you want.

5. Drink more water

If diet food is already running and reduce the portion packed into one of your diet plans, you will probably often hungry in the early. To resolve it, drink more water. The water will make you full and fresh. The skin will also be more subtle, clean and toned. The body will use FAT piling up if there are no calories to the body so the weight faster down.

Mar 30

Enjoying Food Is The Secret Of French Women Stay Slim


If you visit France or other countries in Europe you will be reminded of the food menu such as pasta, cheese, bacon and menus of dietary restrictions. But why is the body of the woman there slim despite eating a variety of delicious foods?

Written in a book titled Why French Women Do Get Fat, not the nice body shape of men and women in France is not because they diet. But it is simply a lifestyle. Like what his lifestyle.

The very first they are always ‘ joie de vivre ‘. This is translated meaning to enjoy life. Every Frenchman has the motto that they should enjoy his life. French people always enjoy every meal they eat. They always eat the food slowly and small portions. Chewing tastes have done with caution while tasting all the spices that enter the food. Therefore the fat burning still occurs when they are eating.

In addition to enjoying life, they also love to walk because it is considered a simple and effective sport. The wide and comfortable streets are intended for residents prefer to walk. In addition, they also do not let themselves know the stress that can cause obesity.

Mar 29

The Signs of Kidney Disease You Can Feel

Kidney sickYou would already know if the kidney is one of the major organs in the body with a variety of vital functions. Due to its location on the inside of the body, it’s difficult to see if the kidneys are problematic or not. In fact, we can see the sign that appears when experiencing kidney disease.

Offered from Reader Digest, Thursday (15/3/2018), more than 26 million adults in the United States are living with kidney disease. National Kidney Foundation admitted, of the many people with kidney disease, only 10 percent are aware of it. Therefore, here are the seven signs of the emergence of kidney disease who may have never heard before.

1. Rash or itching of unusual

Kidney function gets rid of waste and keep the circulatory system which features a balance of nutrients and minerals. If the kidneys are having problems, the balance of nutrients and minerals will also be disrupted. This problem affects the skin. As a result, the skin becomes itchy and appear rash.

2. A Metal Taste in the mouth

One of the symptoms of kidney disease is caused by the buildup of toxins in the bloodstream. This led to the emergence of a metal taste in the mouth or unpleasant breath odor. Therefore, if consuming food and begin to taste like metal, should beware and check the health of your kidney.

3. Nausea or vomiting

One of the functions of the kidney i.e. gets rid of waste from the body through the urine of expenditure. When having problems in the kidneys, waste would be settled in the body. As a result, you will experience nausea or vomiting.

Nausea can cause a lack of appetite. If this happens over a long period of time, you will experience rapid weight loss is not normal. Therefore, if often experience nausea or vomiting, immediately checking your kidneys.

4. Urination which is not normal

The kidney is closely associated with urine. Therefore, it is often or whether you are going to the bathroom to be one of the things that can be seen. This is because both can be a sign you have kidney disease.

Most people who experience kidney disease often feel the urge to urinate a sham, while others say they are urinating in an amount more than usual. In addition, there is also a saying that Pee is not normal so disturbing their sleep at night.

5. Changes color in urine

In addition to the frequency of urination, other symptoms that you should notice is the change in the urine itself. When experiencing kidney disease, urine you spend will be mixed blood, usually with different colored, foamy or bubbly and consistency. However, you also have to know the signs of other disorders, namely, kidney stones.

6. Swelling in the feet and face

One of the functions of the kidney i.e. throws excess fluid from the body. When the kidneys are having problems, you will experience swelling in some parts of the body, such as the feet, hands, and face.

7. Easily fatigued

Kidney disease sufferers generally will also experience mild to severe anemia. This is because of the disorder of renal function in monitoring the number of red blood cells. As a result, you will experience fatigue. Other symptoms will appear that is often cold, dizziness, and often out of breath.

Mar 28

Knowing and Understand Shaken Baby Syndrome is Dangerous and Deadly

healthy baby

Often felt cruel when the little one cry? Then mom throws the baby in the air and swings it firmly, hoping the tears would subside, hoping the winds will subside. Maybe mom feels calm because finally, the little stop crying. Unfortunately, these actions can be dangerous for the health of the little brain and can even cause death. Well, mom should avoid this Yes.

The shocks too hard can lead to Shaken Baby Syndrome are fatal. This syndrome results in injuries to the brain that caused severe damage. Don’t get me wrong, Shaken Baby Syndrome can occur even with just a shock for 5 seconds only. Keep in mind, the baby has the soft brain and neck muscles are weak.

Shaken Baby Syndrome many experienced by infants under 2 years of age but can also occur in infants in age 5 years. Even many cases of Shaken Baby Syndrome if it records a lot happens on the baby 6-8 week when she was like crying.

Babies who are having Shaken Baby Syndrome becomes easy cranky, often vomiting, not feel hungry, the heartbeat slows down and hard of hearing. These symptoms can occur in the baby who suffered injuries with Shaken Baby Syndrome.

How To Cope With The Shaken Baby Syndrome?

When the babies are having Shaken Baby Syndrome, mom can do a variety of ways such as the American Red Cross recommended below.

Be careful with the little one back. If he suffered a back injury should lay your little one with caution.

If the baby is 1 year old, install two fingers in the center of the sternum. If the little one over the age of 1 year, put one hand in the center of the sternum. Place the other hand on the infant’s forehead so that the head is not sloping to the rear. Do not tilt the child’s head, and open his mouth by pulling the jaws.

Check your child’s breath after providing compression. If there are no signs of breathing, perform artificial breath by covering the mouth and nose with your mouth baby. Make sure that the airway is open and then give two full breaths.

Well, Shaken Baby Syndrome in addition to causing death but can also cause blindness, difficulty in learning and influence the emotions of a child in the future. So, from now on be wise when controlling emotions, stay calm, mom. Hopefully, this information is useful.

Mar 27

Tips If Your Baby Has Fever

baby fever

In order to more accurately measure the temperature, avoid children with hands only. We recommend that you prepare a thermometer or temperature measuring. It is important that the child’s body temperature can be clearly known. When the fever, the body of a baby would be easy dehydration then make sure fill the fluid intake.

Mom, here are the things you need to consider when making a feverish baby care at home. See the explanation below.

  1. Make sure the little rooms are cool and comfortable for him. Note the circulation of air, as this will affect his health.
  2. Used the little clothes are thin and loose.
  3. If the body of the little chills, give blankets and socks. Make sure all her body warm making it comfortable.
    Notice the little fluid intake. When the little fever needs enough fluids.
  4. Give foods that are easily digestible and refined, because when the body condition of fever is weak.
  5. Compress the little one with warm water, avoid to compress with ice water.
  6. If the minor is already consuming other than BREAST MILK, mom can give the little cold drinks.
  7. When the temperature reached 38 degrees Celsius are small and if there are other signs, immediately contact a doctor.

So 8 things what you do when your baby fever at home. First and very important you don’t panic.

Mar 26

Tips Overcoming hair loss on Baby

baby hairWhen a newborn has a dense hair, the hair as you get the baby gently falls out. This is normal and happens in large babies aged less than six months. SST, in fact, the problem of hair loss is not only occurring in adults but can also occur in children.

Hair loss in babies is usually caused by the position of the baby in the same and have not changed. In addition to hair loss in infants is also due to the lack of nutritional intake in infants. If the baby’s mom is experiencing hair loss need not panic, here is a way to overcome hair loss in babies.

1. Change the position of Baby

One of the causes of hair loss in babies that sleep position is not changed. Then try to change the position of the baby. This is important when hair loss occurs on only one side only.

2. The selection of the right baby shampoo

In choosing baby shampoo endeavored to avoid harmful chemical substances. Select age-appropriate shampoo baby. Avoid the use of the excessive product, because when the baby is still not immune either.

3. Massaging the Head

To avoid hair loss, scalp massaging baby can handle it. A gentle massage will unleash a blood circulation in the skin of his head so as to alleviate the risk of hair loss.

4. Shave Hair

When the baby’s hair started to fall out, try to shave the hair of a baby. Shave it will accelerate the growth of hair and also make the hair loss is not easy.

5. Reduce Wear hair accessories

Likes to put on a bandana or accessories in the hair of the little one? We recommend you start now reduce clothed for the little one. Excessive accessories can cause hair loss easy little one.

Mar 25

Understand And Identify The Reason Why Babies Cry

baby cryBeing a new parent is not easy. Slowly but surely you will finally understand what the little one wants. But slowly it’s not easy to do. Well, before you feel panicked by the sound of a baby crying you should understand what your needs and reasons why the little one cried.

It’s what makes the importance of why mom should know how to understand the needs of the grassroots. Mom, here are the reasons why babies cry. Following the explanation below.

1. Baby feel hungry

The reason that often occurs is the baby was hungry. The small baby stomach does not easily withstand hunger. So when she felt a little hungry, the only language he could be the cry. Try offering BREAST MILK every baby cries, without the need to count how many times he’s been sucking.

2. Feeling tired

When he felt the tired baby will cry. The sign he feels tired he would cry for trivial things. Help it cool down, with the little one down when he took too long in his arms.

3. Start Damp Diapers

The baby quickly feels uncomfortable. The baby will cry when the diaper needs to be replaced. Usually still when the diaper is full or she feels damp. Make sure the little diaper change immediately when have started full or moist.

4. feeling Unwell

Be aware of any changes to the little one, when he felt a pain crybaby sound will be weaker and with different tones. If a baby cries are accompanied with fever and difficulty breathing, consult a doctor immediately.

5. The little one Just want to cry

In some cases, you will understand that there are times when the baby just wanted to cry. He’s not going to stop before he wants to stop crying, no matter whatever you do. Be patient, this is part of the process, so make sure you wait and calmer.

Mar 24

Take advantage of Carrots to Handle Your Face Skin Problems

skin masker carrotVegetables are identical as the Bunny’s favorite food is known for rich in vitamin A which plays an important role in maintaining the health of the eyes. In addition to accessible and affordable price, it turns out carrots also has numerous benefits for skin beauty. Foods rich in beta-carotene is called has another important content that can cope with a variety of skin problems. To know what skin problems can be overcome with the routine of eating carrots, look through article explanations below.

Dull Skin Face

The first benefit will you feel when a routine of eating carrots is the look of radiant skin and dull. This happens because carrots contain lots of vitamin C, as well as anti-oxidant that keeps the skin looking bright and keep the skin from exposure to free radicals. To get a feel for this benefit, you can eat carrots or use it as a mask. How grated carrot to taste, mix it with a spoon of honey to both these ingredients blend and then apply it as a mask and let sit for 20 minutes and rinse with clean water.

Dry Skin

For owners of dry skin and feels rough, now you can feel relieved because there are way more affordable and natural in getting skin soft and moisturized all day long. you simply utilize the fruits of carrots that are rich in beta-carotene and potassium. Two rich content of this benefit will help accelerate the process of skin regeneration and restores the suppleness of the skin of the face.

To feel the benefits of this one you can blend the carrots already shredded with a few drops of coconut oil. Apply to the face avoiding the eye area and the mouth then let sit for 15 minutes and rinse. But it’s worth noting, too, if you belong to the face acne-prone or may be allergic to coconut oil should replace it with other natural ingredients such as honey or argan oil.

Acne Skin

The carrot is known to contain a variety of nutrients and vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, carotenoids, potassium, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. With the content of carrot, variety can control oil production in the face, and prevent the presence of acne thanks to properties of anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

In addition to taking direct, you can also create a carrot mask by mixing grated carrots with lemon juice as much as 1 tablespoon, or you could also mix the carrots with the egg whites. Apply on the face, let it 15-20 minutes then rinse until clean.

Skin Exposed to Sunlight

Beta-carotene in carrots is good nutrition for the skin that will be converted into vitamin A in the body. This content is called effective in repairing skin tissue and provide protection against sun exposure. In addition to protecting, carrots can also heal skin who suffered sunburn. To obtain protection from the Sun you can routinely consume carrot juice every day.

The Problem Of Premature Aging

Facial aging is not inevitable, but you can slow the onset of aging by keeping the intake of food and care. If you want a natural way without any side effects, you can eat a carrot and apply it to the face on a regular basis. Carrots are rich in anti-oxidants will help accelerate the process of skin regeneration and prevent exposure to pollutants which can damage skin cells such as hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. Carrots also contain Vitamin C which helps the production of collagen in the body. Collagen is essential for maintaining the elasticity of the skin and keeping the humidity so that the skin is not prone to wrinkles or fine lines. Routine consumption of juice and carrot facial mask is applied is one effective way of preventing skin problems on this one.