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Feb 15

7 Ways How To Keep The Healthy body


One of the main priorities in life is health. And the food you consume has a significant influence on health. Here are seven steps you can apply, and to keep the body to stay healthy: 1. Drinking lemon water in the morning. Lemon is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus, so …

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Feb 05

Tips And Foods To Increase Metabolism

iron food

Increase your body metabolism means increase calorie burning in our body. If the body’s metabolism is good, then you will have more energy, fit, and a controlled weight. Metabolism is a term derived from the Greece, meaning a change or transformation. This is related to a wide range of processes that occur in the body …

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Jan 13

The following Tips and How This Natural Herb is able to Overcome Your Baldness Quickly


Long time ago the hair loss and baldness are associated with some people who are already aged or aged. But it was a few years ago, now with a lifestyle that is unhealthy, pollution, stress, and toxins that occur in modern times as now people can lose their hair even at their young age. Hair …

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Jan 08

How to Strengthen your immune system in 15 seconds


The Immune system has important roles to support all of your busy life. When your immune system is strong, surely your health will be maintained properly. Specialist doctor popular of Kinesitherapy in Moscow introduces a simple trick that can restore and strengthen your immune system in just 15 seconds. Professor Dr. Sergey Bubnovskij also refer …

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Dec 17

Vacuum Therapy, Enlarge The Bottom Without Surgery

enlarge buttocks

Many people consider the buttocks as a beautiful thing. Butt Kim Kardashian Reality Show star included in it. Now, the womenfolk could have a big butt without surgery. A salon named Sculpting Goddess in Miami offers a strange new treatment called vacuum therapy. The therapy cost US $ 60. Vacuum therapy this procedure involves two …

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Oct 26

These Benefits Of Yoga For Addicts of Drugs

mountain yoga

A study reveals the possibility of the narcotic users can improve their quality of life by doing yoga. Yoga is believed to be able to reduce the frequency of the use of drugs to addicts leave it altogether. Quoted from page research conducted by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, …

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Jun 26

Why Stress can cause disease?


Perhaps you’ve listened to the advice of medical experts or doctors when consulted about your illness “Lots of rest and avoid stress”. This means less rest and stress can prevent your recovery will even worsen your illness. Although no ill though, that chronic stress can trigger a protracted serious illness vary based infection due to …

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May 07

Blood Type B? Avoid to Eat Chicken Meat!

Chicken Meat

A natural medical practitioner Peter J. Adamo, revealed that blood type has different reactions to food consumed by a person and will have an impact on the digestive process. As is known, the classification of human blood is divided into 4 groups, namely blood groups A, B, AB, and O. Relating to the type of …

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May 06

Chewing Gum, Boost Brain Capability

Chewing Gum

There are interesting from the research results of Professor Serge Onyper, a psychologist from the St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York. Onyper revealed that the activity of chewing gum can affect the brain’s ability to reach accomplishments. This may already be known and even practiced by many people when doing activities. For example, just …

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Mar 07

Tips To Clean The Lungs In Just Over 72 Hours

Clean The Lungs

The lungs are one of the vital organs of the body that serves as a respirator. The lungs are located below the ribs that has a very heavy duty, when inhaled is dirty air containing pollutants, the lungs will become dirty. Gross lung is one of the causes of the onset of various diseases, one …

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