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Jan 06

Using Traditional and Alternative Disciplines to Treat Addiction

The root cause of addiction often goes beyond a physical reaction to a stimulant. An experienced medical team uses holistic methods and other established medical practices to unearth the subconscious and intrinsic factors behind an addiction. If you are suffering from addiction and seeking new treatment options, talk to your doctor about one or more …

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Dec 31

Recognize The Signs Of The Lymph Nodes Cancer

Lymph Nodes Cancer sign

Like blood cancer or leukaemia, lymphoma is the most common type of cancer 6 found. Globocan date 2012 noted, every 90 seconds, there are 400,000 people a year suffer from this disease. A cancer expert From the Division of Hematology and medical oncology in the Department of Pathology at the Cipto Mangunkusumo HOSPITAL MEDICINE, Dr. …

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Jun 11

Overcoming Itching and Red Eye With Natural Treatment

Itching and Red Eye

Eyes are often infected with dirt and dust, resulting in eye becomes red accompanied by itching. Bad habits rubbed his eyes when the itch will actually worsen the condition of not only getting red eye, eye will also feel hot and too watery. For that when there is irritation of the eyes is expected to …

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