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Sep 01

Natural Remedies For Impotence


During this impotence erectile dysfunction more alias treated with the drug Viagra. In fact, the natural ingredients in your home can also help overcome impotence. What’s it? If you have not been able to achieve an erection for a few weeks, the erectile dysfunction may be the cause. Erectile dysfunction can be caused either due …

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Jul 22

Natural Remedies, Indirubin Potentially Heal Brain Tumor


INDIRUBIN, a type of herbal plants used in traditional medicine drug ingredients into a Chine potentially capable of fighting tumors and cancer. This plant comes from the indogo plant and used as active ingredients in the formula Dang Gui Long Hui Wan which is commonly used to treat chronic myeloid leukemia. Researchers from the Ohio …

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Jul 19

Bananas Can Prevent Stroke


A Stroke is a terrible disease threats because the process can take place quickly. If it is not quickly helped could be at risk of death, on the contrary if it could still be saved will experience disability. New study finds that eating 3 pieces of banana every day can help you lower the risk …

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Jul 11

Ginger Efficacious and safe Drug For Migraines


Ginger Efficacious and safe Drug For migraines. For those who often stricken with migraines, no need rush taking medication if nobody wants to deal with the side effects. There is a safer way to take some, namely with ginger used as seasoning and Cook made drinks. A study conducted by the Headache Care Center in …

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Jul 08

Healthy and Refresh the skin with oil of Peppermint


Peppermint oil is not only as one of the ingredients of chewing gum. The oil is also effective for skin health. This oil is a concoction of two hybrid plants namely water mint and spearmint is useful as both a medical and cosmetic ingredients. What are the benefits of peppermint? When extracted as a pill, …

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Jul 05

Black Tea Is Potent Eradicate Cancer

black tea

The habit of drinking tea on a regular basis, especially black tea, have a positive impact for the health of the eradicate the growth of cancer cells. Some outstanding recent study revealed the compound contained in black tea was able to prevent the development of cancer cells in the body, especially if you consume them …

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Jul 03

Herbs For Asthma, Vitex Trifolia

Vitex Trifolia

Legundi (Vitex trifolia) is a tree, shrub or small tree, its height less than 5 m and the stem is covered by soft hairs. Although much improved, the knowledge of Vitex Trifolia as medicine for asthma. The leaves are arranged in irregular along the stems and compound, normally consists of 3 linear leaflets which range …

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Jul 01

Do not Be Indifferent With Your Couple

solo sex

Every couple wants their sex life fun. Boredom and bland in sex certainly is not desired by each partner. If explored further, a lot of things or factors that cause the problem. One of them is, being too ignorant and indifferent to sexual affairs, which ultimately makes sex becomes bland. Attitudes are too ignorant or …

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Jun 20

The Various Differences Soap


Although impressed trivial, getting used to wash hands with soap also has a considerable effect on the body from bacterial infection tablets. Once you do outdoor activities, bacteria grow rapidly and easily infect the body through touch. To avoid such cases, the necessary habits for routine hand washing with soap. In its presence, consists of …

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Jun 18

How To Maintain And Clean Penis For Men

men health

Cleanliness is of the sex organs must be maintained either for men or women. Mainly because it related to hygiene and the health of your sexual life. Here is how to maintain the cleanliness of the penis for men: Drink plenty of water Water holds much important role for the health of the body, including …

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