Dec 03

10 Ways To Burn Fat Without Having To “the Gym”

gymDo not have a time to go to the gym? There are several things that can be done when forced to skip exercise at the gym a few weeks at a time.

1. Start the day with exercise

Before breakfast, start the exercise in the morning. Sport this morning to burn 20 percent more fat than after breakfast, said research in 2013, published in the British Journal of Nutrition. Exercise alone at home it can be a challenging movement like the squat and lunge jump for 10 minutes.

2. Go up the stairs

Take 10 minutes to flurry in between the up and down the stairs. Up and down these stairs can burn about 100 calories. Activities up and down the stairs did so more to make the body relaxes. Want to burn more calories? Flee while riding down the stairs.

3. Run sprint

The usual 30-minute run on the treadmill? Do run 10 minutes, but with more speed. “Intensive Exercise for 10 minutes it evokes burning metabolism, which is the equivalent of medium intensity exercise for 20-30 minutes,” says Jordan Metzl, MD, author of the Metzl’s Workout Prescription.

According to studies in 2013 from Colorado State University, sports just 2.5 hours with such high intensity run or bike sprint burn 200 calories more during the day.

4. Get enough sleep

Research from the University of Chicago found that dieters lose fat 55 percent sleep during a sleep 5.5 hours compared to 8.5 hours. To be able to sleep well avoid glowing screen like a TV or a cell phone. Eat snacks that make fast asleep like bananas.

5. Add weight training

Jogging at night is a good way to burn calories. Followed by strength training, we continue to burn fat after sport. In order that the maximum of burning it, exercise it must cover the entire muscle mass, Lean advice “Kravitz, Coordinator of the program of sports science of the University of New Mexico. Exercises that include a climbing wall, push ups, and lunge.

6. Walk away

Walk for 15 minutes means burning almost three times more calories than just sitting alone. It said the new study in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health. Walk any help accelerate the work of digestion.

7. Add speed

“Speed is the key. The move, the street or run a little faster to burn more calories, “said Kravitz. Change the speed of the walk more quickly and more often help burn up to 20 percent of calories, according to the study of Ohio State University in 2015. Try to add the speed for 30 minutes and then walk away with a comfortable speed for three minutes.

8. Dancing

Dancing for an hour can burn between 200-600 calories. In addition to making the slim, any dancing help build strength, increase flexibility and slow down the aging process.

9. Tabata Practise

Tabata workouts will consist of four movements just like a plank jack, jump squats. Doing one movement for 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds, then do it again. Continue the movement again and repeat. This exercise routine just four minutes, but it would burn 13.5 calories per minute and twice the calorie burn for half an hour afterwards. It said research from Auburn University in Alabama.

10. Exercise

During a break in a TV ad, stand up and move your body. Mayo Clinic research proves moving like this can burn 350 calories throughout the day. This move can eliminate the negative effects of sitting too long while watching TV.