Jan 25

3 Arthritis Prevention Movement

yoga-for-beginnerThe joints are stiff and less supple body at high risk injury. Avid body metabolism movements.

Now this tendinitis disease or arthritis is being already attacked the young age “. Many patients aged 30 to 40, which is already experiencing symptoms of pain and tenderness around joints “.

Tendinitis, illness is usually felt around the elbow, shoulder, wrist or heel. “One of the reasons is a pattern of excessive activity or movement that is done is excessive”. While the body and joints are stiff because rarely do sports metabolism. ”

Tendinitis or arthritis is indeed impressed not dangerous because the perceived effect does not happen instantaneously, but rather accumulates. “If not treated properly, can easily lead to damage to the tendon”.

Do this three movement to lower the risk of developing tendonitis.

  1. Stretching after waking up in the morning. During sleep, the muscles a bit of activity so that tend to make the joints become stiff. Before moving on from the bed, trying to do the stretching. For example, by pulling both hands up and sticking his foot up to the maximum limit. Do it slowly and on a daily basis to keep Your muscles and joints accustomed.
  2. Yoga and Pilates. Both types of this sport are the perfect exercise for the suppleness of the body and joints. In addition to regulate breathing, yoga and Pilates are also useful to strengthen the muscles. Make it as one exercise routine you do each week.
  3. Cooling. Even though it is easy, but there are still many that are often missed it. When in cooling after the workout is very important to relieve muscle tension due to exercise. Do five to ten minutes of cooling the body after exercise.

The more you work with the sitting position, do stretching for specific muscles, as the muscles of the hips and shoulders. Since both parts of these more experienced tensions.