Jul 24

3 Benefits From Mangosteen Fruit

mangosteenThe Mangosteen apparently not only tasty when consumed, but also for the wealthy will benefit. Herbal based treatment proven, using the extract of mangosteen increasingly lively in Indonesia. Want to know what are the benefits of the mangosteen fruit?
Mangosteen fruit benefits

The mangosteen fruit is believed to be capable of addressing a wide range of diseases of traditional Asian health experts since the 18th century. The scientific name is a Garcinia fruit with it can be used as an effective remedy to repair cells damaged by free radicals and ward off degenerative diseases.

In addition to the health benefits of the mangosteen fruit, turns out it’s also good for beauty. Instead of wearing cosmetics containing chemicals, you better take advantage of the mangosteen to make it look pretty.

The following benefits of mangosteen fruit for beauty:

1. Acne medicine

For you that looks spotty, it turns out the drug could be mangosteen. Mangosteen is known to have natural antibacterial and antimicrobial compounds that are very effective in treating many skin problems like acne, dark spots, oily skin, and dry skin.

2. Skin cells

Not only the fruit of the mangosteen fruit, the skin turns out to be powerful to tackle diseases of the skin and repair damaged cells. This is because the skin of fruit mangosteen contains the most high xanthone compounds than other fruits.

3. So youthful

Mangosteen contains antioxidants like catechin that serves to ward off free radicals cause aging of the skin. It means that routinely consuming mangosteen fruit will make the skin more toned body you so and more youthful.

That’s some of the benefits of the fruit mangosteen for beauty. To find out the benefits of the mangosteen fruit for the health of the body, you can read it in the article “how to make Drugs from the Rind of the mangosteen“.