Jan 30

3 Body Parts Cartilage Injury

PFPSYou must always advisable to start with a warm up exercise and stretching. Yet in fact there are many who consider it trivial advice. Though the heating and stretching is done to minimize the potential for injury on the part of your body.

Like a car, which took preheated, before driving, the body too. The body also requires adaptation in advance before it is used for strenuous activity. Just so you know, some parts of our body very prone to injury.



Many skip stretching and exercises in the neck because they think the neck is not so necessary when exercising. whereas, neck tense and inflexible could lead to muscle pain. Try to feel part of your neck while lying down and lifting weights. you will feel the part feels tense.


Part shoulder muscles proved to be a part of the body muscles are frequently injured. The injury occurred on average when exercising tennis, weightlifting and swimming. One reason is because any movement in the shoulder area, resulting in the tendon. As a result, the shoulder will feel stiff, pain, sprains and even bone around the shoulder can be cracked.

The ankle

This section is most often affects the footballer and the people who perform cardio exercise. Actually, when the ankle pain, which is part of ligament injury in the the ankle joint. This section is elastic which is located between the bones meeting. Unfortunately some wrong leg movements can provide excess pressure on the joints that result in pain.

Injuries on the body can still be prevented. The trick is diligent and disciplined warming up and stretching before exercise. Another thing that is important is to do the right moves.