Jun 20

3 Movement Yoga for Relieve Your Stress

yoga1Yoga may have been carried out since 5000 last year. But if the benefits to the health of the body still continues to be extracted. Of all the benefits that come from yoga, the most dominant is the lowering of tension, stress, depression and blood pressure.

“With the regular rhythm of breathing, yoga can calm the mind, improves blood circulation, reduces stress and strengthens the respiratory muscles,” said Rene Johnson, yoga instructor of Shanti Yoga, Edmonton, Canada.

Try doing the following three movements of yoga, and get more benefits from yoga.

Bend your back forward.

The trick, stand up straight, then bend your body with your knees slightly bent. Let the head hang down freely, and cross your arms across his chest. Hamstrings trying to achieve with your hands. Take a deep breath. Reach your maximum limit. Hold for five minutes, then stand up and repeat the movement. “This movement can increase blood flow to the brain and kidneys,” said Rene.

Mountain Pose.

Stand still for one to five minutes. Let your shoulders and arms in a relaxed position. Stretch on your wrist gently. Then tuck your palms in front of chest, heart layout height. Press together gently. Deflated your stomach. Raise your chest and let your arms form a triangle position (mountain) in front of the chest with both hands still see each other. Close your eyes, and start doing pull-resistant movement exhale slowly. Such movement to improve concentration and energy.

Spread his hands.

Both hands are extended straight to the side. When you take a breath, lift your hands shoulder height with fixed straight position. Both palms facing up. When you exhale, lower your hands slightly with both palms facing down. Do it over and over again, and began to control the movement and exhale while taking. This movement trains your chest breathing, reduce tension in the muscles and reduce stress nerves.