Oct 17

3 Things to Do to Be Healthy in the Old Age

healthy old man

Living a healthy lifestyle can have an impact on health in old age. Though it sounds trivial, these three main things can be done regularly to live a healthier old age.

To have a healthy old age, does not require a high cost. The main thing that is often underestimated is reducing the sugar dosage.

“Sweet foods and drinks are tasty but should be reduced, such as minimal soda drinks, sweets, and sweet cakes, not necessarily be a taboo, but reduce it slowly,”. Green fruits and vegetables are also important nutritional points to prevent decreased muscle mass in old age. Then, actively moving should start to be done regularly every day.

The second way is “Walking fast for two times a day with a duration of 15 minutes per one way, it has helped the body to move actively”.

The third way is to stimulate the mental. This last way can be done with fun. one of which helps a child do his or her schoolwork can be a simple mental stimulating way.

“Encourage the child to discuss the concept of the lesson or help him with the homework of the school, and the routine of playing puzzles or chess can also help keep the emotions stable.”