Oct 14

3 Things Women Must Do After Making Love

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Perhaps most women already know what to do after sex. But, there are some things you should not ignore after making love for your feminine area maintained cleanliness and health.

The intimate area is a sensitive and easy-to-be female organ where germs and bacteria multiply. For that, you need to follow the rules, how to maintain the health of female organs, especially after doing sex activities. Here are things you should do after making love:


All already know this. As soon as you finish making love, opponent push to sleep and immediately to the bathroom. Although you do not want to go to the water, you still have to do it because when you empty the bladder, you also clean your urethra or urinary tract from the bacteria. This ritual you can not avoid, especially if you are susceptible to urinary tract infections.


Wash with water of female area after sex. And do not forget to dry them with a clean towel. Because sexual intercourse is always fluid from all kinds of things, so it is mandatory for you to wipe your intimate area to clean. Use a towel or tissue, but do not use materials that are too hard. All you have to do is tap it dry. If you want to be more thorough, wash with clean water and natural soap without fragrance.

Change underwear

After you calm down after making love, immediately change underwear. Use slack underwear and let your intimate area ‘breathe’. Your intimate area has just done the hard work, so the best thing to do is get him breathing. By doing so, you will prevent it from getting infected like a yeast infection and itching.

If you are through menopause or have just entered, your area of ​​femininity will be more prone to itching, irritation, and skin infections. All of the above steps can really help keep your sex life going well.

The health of your intimate area is the most important thing to keep. If you experience any unusual signs and discomfort after sex, you should consult a gynecologist. When your intimate area is kept clean and well maintained, you can avoid various diseases, such as urinary tract infections and fungal infections.

Any signs such as pelvic discomfort, bad smell, itching or burning sensation, do not you ignore.