Jan 27

3 Types of Exercise Prevent Brittle Bones

boneBones that support the body has a density of age. Exercise is one way to prevent bone loss is not easy.

The average age of the bone density is optimal at 20 to 30. Through the ages, bone density will increasingly decline, which usually is called osteoporosis. In menopausal women, the decrease would happen more quickly.

In addition to being a factor of age, bones density loss was also influenced by the behavior of living. For example, the habit of smoking and consuming alcohol, drinks too much consuming drinks containing caffeine or foods containing high salt, and less exercise.

That’s not easy porous bones, in addition to reducing the consumption of some foods above, exercise required.

Here are some exercises that can help maintain bone density so that it is not easy, porous soil.

  • Cardio. Running, jumping, walking will put pressure on the bone. That pressure would encourage the formation of bone density. Has no time for running, jogging, brisk walking? Do with up and down stairs while in Office.
  • Weight Training. In addition to raising body muscle mass, weight is also good practice to maintain bone density. Try to start doing weight training as much as 8-10 reps, two to three times a week.
  • Yoga or Pilates. Yoga and Pilates is a type of exercise the suppleness of the body. When the level of flexibility or flexibility of the body, then the higher benefits for the bones would be better. To gain flexibility, could also be by doing stretching before a workout, before or after work, and after waking up.