Feb 27

4 Can It Help Treat Minor Burns

Minor BurnsBurns is one of the accidents that often occur, especially for those who love to cook. Exposed to a pot or pan is still hot or exposed to splash hot oil during frying a dish is a common thing. When experienced anything like this, often you will begin to feel the heat in the skin with minor burns.

To treat minor burns caused by some of the events mentioned above, then 4 This way you can try at home in order to overcome these minor burns.

1. Using Aloe Vera

Is your house or yard contained Aloe Vera plant? Well, the Aloe Vera plant is included in one of the herbs that are beneficial to cool the skin and help overcome various skin problems, one of which is exposed to thermal burns. For your own use can directly apply a liquid present in the Aloe Vera in skin burns. This method is quite effective as liquid Aloe Vera has a pH that is similar to your skin.

2. Compress using a tea bag

When you cook when exposed to a hot skillet or accidentally touch the hot exhaust your feet, then you could also treat the burn by using a tea bag. The trick is to insert a tea bag into a glass of hot water, then cool the tea bag. Compress skin burns with tea bags had to cool down and speed up the healing process.

3. Using a raw potato

How to treat minor burns could further by utilizing raw potatoes. Naturally, raw potatoes have anti-inflammatory properties and also cools the skin. Therefore, burns can be treated with a raw potato. How to? Enough with thin slices of raw potato and stick it on injured skin. If possible you can also press the potatoes in order to more quickly relieve hot.

4. Drain the water to the burn

When at home, you do not have some natural ingredients that have been mentioned above, then this means that all four could also do to eliminate burns on the skin. The way this one is easy, but you will take quite a long time and also wasteful of water. Why is that? Because you will treat it by flowing water continuously to burn your hands up to the light began to improve, and your skin does not feel hot and painful again.

That’s 4 ways to treat minor burns caused by splash hot oil, hot water, hot pan, exhaust heat, and others that can make your skin suffered minor burns. Hopefully this time the useful tips ya and good luck …