Feb 25

4 Fruit Rich In Vitamin C

vitamincYour immune system is declining, this may just be due to the lack of eating foods containing vitamin c. Vitamin C is very useful to keep as well as boost the immune system. This makes if vitamin C alone can prevent someone to avoid various problems of disease.

In fact a great many food that can prevent the onset of various diseases. However, for this time, I will discuss about fruit that contain lots of vitamin C and it is recommended to consume these foods on a daily basis. Curious? Refer to the information below.

1. Orange

What most fruit contains vitamin C? Of course you guys will answer the citrus fruits. Citrus fruits are indeed known as fruit rich in vitamin C. Maybe you remembered just know if this fruit contains vitamin C. However, according to the latest survey reveals, citrus fruit has a kind of typical aromas that serves to improve one’s mood. Increasing one’s heart has thus made a person will feel more happy throughout the day.

2. Paprika

Who would have thought that vitamin C also exists in the peppers. Peppers also contain vitamin C. In fact, its vitamin C content of peppers has doubled compared to other foods. You are indeed like to eat peppers, could be to mix the peppers into pizza, salad, and can be used for a mix of spicy sauteed as a flavor enhancer in food.

3. Strawberry

If you want to look for a light fruit for consumption, you can eat the fruit of the strawberry. Strawberry fruit is regarded as a snack food to be consumed. In addition, they are also a great many benefits, among others, contain vitamin C, manganese, and has a good source of fiber in the body. If you like smoothies and fresh juices, you can also mix this fruit into drinks.

4. Papaya

You’ve had constipation, if ever, experienced it, the right solution to address the sense of constipation is to eat of the fruit of the papaya. In addition to constipation, the fruit of papaya can also be considered smoothen bowel system.