Jan 28

4 Running Sports Can Make Injuries

runningRunning sports are a way of life in the community in a big city. Although easy to do, still have to be vigilant about the risk of injury.

There is some risk of injury that haunt sports fans run. Some areas of the body by the caused by an injury-prone sport is run thighs, shins, feet, and knees. “The injuries that occur Often in the area of the thigh is a hamstring injury”. “The injury to the back part of the thigh muscle and ILiotibial.”

Hamstring injury, usually occur because of a lack of stretch and warm up before doing exercise. “Taste of the pain Inflicted.”

While at the knee, an injury that happens Often is injury to the cartilage of the joints, especially the knees. “This condition Often Refers to as runners knee or in the language of medicine called Patello Femoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS).”


Symptoms of injury is characterized by pain in the knee, pain when standing after sitting or when going up and down stairs, can not be folded up. “Further diagnostics done by MRI.” “Because the process of x-ray alone is not enough to know, because the problem is not the bone joints.”

Injuries that occur in the toe area is quite a lot. Start of phlebitis ankle back, fractures of the toes, until the pain in the heel. While injury to dry bone usually called shinsplints. Namely the emergence of pain due to excessive pressure. “Shinsplints appear in those who are not accustomed to doing run on track and bear the burden of his body while running.”

The Handling

Running Sports Injuries3Running Sports Injuries4

First aid injuries from running sports is with RICE (Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevated). That is to compress the injured part with cold water (ice). After the leg bandaged, elevated position and rested to reduce the swelling.