Aug 16

5 Diet Strategies That You Should Avoid

strategiesdietNot all methods to lose weight the safe thing to do. Some of them actually can endanger your health. Therefore, in selecting methods to lose weight, you should be quite selective. Some diet strategy, as reported by following also you should avoid.

Avoid the kinds of specific nutrients

Nutrients have different functions in the body. Even the fat one is also the body’s nutritional needs that must be met. Therefore, if your diet method removes one of the types of nutrients such as carbohydrates or fat from your diet, we recommend that you avoid method.

Cardio at any time

Exercise with a treadmill is indeed effective at burning fat.But cardio is not the only type of exercise that can be done. You should also try some weight training to form the muscle on your body.

If you often work out without eating first, you’d better re-think. Exercising while hungry makes the body burns energy that comes from the muscle, not fat. Therefore, make sure your stomach is not hungry while exercising.

Work out when the stomach is empty

Sports schedule interfere with Your sleeping hours? The body also need sleep to rest, especially sleep deprivation instead will increase your appetite because the hormone could increase the ghrehlin in the body.

Lack of sleep

Reduce the number of calories is the key to weight loss, but skipping meals will disturb the balance of metabolism in the body. When you skip meals, metabolic processes will run slowly and make your weight loss process was also delayed. Make sure you chew on something at every meal time morning, noon, or night, though you’re busy.

Skipped meals

Eat regularly with a balanced menu should still be traveled even though you in weight loss. Regular exercise is also important, but avoid excessive exercise that can disrupt your health.