Oct 02

5 risk factors for heart disease

healthy_hearthObesity, genetic factors and lifestyle is not healthy is a major risk factor for heart disease. But according to experts, the risk factors of heart disease do just that.

“Heart disease is it multifaktorial, so the risk factors and the cause is not only one. There could be several, in fact, there are hidden, then, what are the risk factors for heart disease other than obesity, genetic factors and lifestyle is not healthy? Summarized from various sources, here’s the 5 of them:

1. Bad oral health

Oral health is bad is associated with increased risk of heart attack. The research referred to them that have broken teeth more susceptible to heart attack.

2. Air pollution

Various studies have already proven that air pollution increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. The dust particles from the air pollution may enter and clog up the blood vessels.

3. Noise pollution

A study of the United States refer to live near a noisy place or frequent exposure to noise pollution risk increases the risk of stroke.

4. Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep due to sleep apnea can raise blood pressure, which, if it happens continuously cause someone experiencing hypertension, and at risk of stroke and heart failure.

5. Stress and depression

Chronic stress and depression is said to have an effect on the risk of having a heart attack. Stress happens continuously can cause blood vessels to narrow and clogged.