Jun 07

5 The Healthy Snack

healthyfoodConsume snacks outside the main meals are Often categorized as a snack. Well, what are healthy snacks or foods that do not make weight and cholesterol levels go up? Here are 5 types of snacks that can be filling as well as healthy.

1. Salad Fruit / Vegetable.

It usually consists of a variety of fruits such as apples, grapes, kiwi, pear, mango or pineapple and also vegetables such as lettuce and tomatoes. For the sauce, or could use a mayonnaise, and grated cheese.

2. Fruits dipped brown.

Fruits such as strawberry, or wine, can be enjoyed with a different sensation when dipped in liquid chocolate.

3. Fruits Dates.

fruits datesDates do contain a carbohydrates, but still healthy for the body. Originally, of course it is not excessive in taking it.

4. Roasted Apples.

How to make it, cut apples, seeded until there is a hole in the center, fill it with other fruit and mayonnaise, then roasted in the oven or microwave. Apples are very healthy for the body until there is a saying, An apple a day, can keep the doctor away.

5. Yogurt.

Fermented milk drink with a sour taste drink healthy distraction. If you are afraid to eat ice cream Because of the fat content, so it can replace the yogurt ice cream. The trick, you can add a piece of fresh fruit in yogurt, then input only in freezer. Once frozen, then the shape will resemble ice cream.