Jul 31

6 How to Increase Durability Of The Body Without Drugs

healthybodyErratic weather can make the body durability decreases and susceptible to diseases such as the flu or a fever. For that, you need to boost the immune system by eating healthy and contain enough nutrients.

Discard used to take supplements or drugs bodily endurance booster at a pharmacy, but done in a natural way as suggested holistic health practitioner Dr. Prasanna Kerur of Ayush Wellness Spa.

1. Eat food consumption to taste, freshly cooked and easy to digest. Avoid consuming processed dairy products and wheat with excessive vegetable and fruits multiply like oranges, radishes, peppers, apples and strawberries.

2. Tea can help increase the body’s resistance because of the content of antioxidant. If your tired of the green tea, black tea or red tea, you could try making own herbal tea containing turmeric, ginger or cinnamon. For herbal tea, drink 3-4 cups a day.

3. If the start of flu or cold symptoms, relieve to make a drink that consists of a mixture of turmeric powder and honey. Mix together a cup of warm water and drink twice a day.

4. almond and Sesame Oil can be a shield You against the arrival of the disease in the rain. Two ingredients it contains antioxidants and vitamin E that are not only good for the skin but also increases the durability of the body.

5. don’t forget the routine exercise, but avoid activities that are too heavy or excessive. Yoga and pilates are effective for increasing the durability of the body, as well as jogging and healthy way. In addition to sports is also beneficial to make more mind relaxes.

6. avoid consumption of processed frozen foods, and cold drinks. At the time of the uncertain weather, where extreme hot weather could suddenly turn so cold the body will require more whole foods and drinks warm instead of sausage, smoked beef or burger.