Jun 11

6 Tips To Yoga Exercises More Supple and Flexible

yoga flexible bodyEach person must have longed to have a flexible body, especially if you are a practitioner of yoga. For that, you need hard work, is to do stretching exercises every day. In addition, you are also required to maintain a healthy lifestyle, by eating a healthy diet and adequate sleep. Although the routines should be done very dull, but you will see a huge transformation in your body in the future. The secret is quite simple, namely to stretch the body every day and do not forget a single day though.

1. Stretching provide lubrication to the joints and muscles

Yoga stretch before exercise will give the effect of lubrication in the joints and muscles. So also after yoga exercises you should do a cooling down session, do not immediately stop.

2. Perform stretching every day and do it progressively

You will not get the body limber overnight or day. Practice in accordance with the state agency. Do not push! Add a portion of the time and stretching little by little to achieve the goal.

3. During a stretch, do not do and forth motion (bounce)

This is often done by a practitioner who had studied yoga exercises, which stretch and then do the motion and forth (or so-called bounce). This is very risky because it could hurt the movement behind the muscle. Stretch with the motion slowly and surely. Note the back and thigh. Both should be straight, not to curved / bent.

4. Perform stretching like doing a routine, and stretch the more difficult / complex each time you do it.

It makes you feel comfortable and will feel a stretching routine is not something heavy (stretching session may include simple yoga asanas before the session is more complex).

5. Perform stretching in a balanced (symmetrical) to your body.

Stretch on the right side of the body if you have to do it on the left side of the body. If you do kiss knee motion (bending forward), then do also bending backward (as well as perform routine Sun Salutation).

6. Perform a healthy diet

Drink plenty of water, and increase your intake of protein and calcium.

To gain flexibility of the body you want to achieve, you must be patient. Flexibility can not be achieved in one day. Consistency and patience is needed to practice to get a flexible body and took a step forward to your yoga exercises.