Mar 06

7 Types of Protein Rich Food

ProteinProtein is one of the nutrients that are needed by the body because of their role is so important, especially to form muscle tissue. If you want to form and also increase muscle mass of your body, then you certainly need a high protein intake.

In addition to forming muscle tissue, protein also has a function as a regulator. That is, the protein helps regulate other hormones that function in the digestive process. Not just end there, the protein also has an important role in maintaining the pH balance of acid and alkaline body. Even proteins can also be used as food and energy reserves in the body.

Judging from its source, the protein can be divided into two, namely animal protein and vegetable protein. Animal protein is a protein derived from animals. While vegetable protein is a protein derived from plants. Animal protein contains amino acid profile that is so complete as well as the essential amino acids, which of course is needed for the development of your body.

Do you know what foods are rich in protein? Here we have presented to you 7 foods that are rich in protein.

1. Eggs

EggsEggs are a good source of the protein because it has a very complete nutrient content when compared to other protein foods. One boiled eggs are seven grams of protein and two grams of saturated fat. If indeed you want to avoid saturated fats, you can eat eggs only in the egg whites only. Several studies have revealed that people who eat eggs and toast for breakfast usually will feel full longer and will also consume fewer calories throughout the day.

2. Pure Milk


Milk is also included in one of the most excellent sources of protein because it is rich in quality protein. Pure milk protein content in the amount is not much, but its quality was very good for your body. The Protein in milk contains all the essential amino acids needed by the body.

3. Fresh fish

Fresh fish

Fish is a food rich in protein. In contrast to meat, fish do not have the fat content therein. Although some types of fish such as tuna and salmon have enough fat content, but you do not have to worry because the fat contained therein is both omega-3 fats.

4. Shrimp


You must be familiar with the shrimp? Well, the shrimp is also included into the category of animal protein sources. The value of protein in it, arguably incomplete because shrimp have high levels of amino acids and is easily digested by the body. In 100 grams of raw shrimp contains 20.3 grams of protein that is able to meet your daily protein needs up to 41%.

5. Cheese

CheeseCheese is a dairy product that can be a good source of protein. To enjoy cheese, you can combine them with sandwiches, salads, pasta, and others. For those of you who are on a diet should not be too much to eat cheese. This is because fat cheese that can derail your diet program.

6. Wheat

WheatIn general, better known as a food grain carbohydrate source. But make no mistake, wheat also has a number of proteins that could reach 9%. But remember, wheat consumption should also be limited, especially for those of you who are currently serving low-carb diet.

7. Broccoli

BroccoliBroccoli is rich in nutrients such as carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals so it is not surprising that broccoli is one type of vegetable that has a complete nutrition. Not only that, broccoli is also one type of vegetable that is low in fat but high in protein.

Protein is very important for your body, so fill your daily protein requirements by eating some foods that have been mentioned above. But remember, not too excessive in taking them. Hope it is useful …