Jun 24

A Peek Through The Eyes Of Cardiovascular Disease

eyeCardiovascular diseases, such as coronary heart disease, heart failure, and stroke remain one of the top ten causes of death of main disease now can be seen through the eyes. Vision problems now could be an early sign of someone suffering from a serious cardiovascular condition. A case in Greece shows how a man 77 years old experienced three short episodes of blurred vision in his right eye. Long each episode an average of five minutes and every single episode is completed, normal eyesight back. The incident lasted for approximately one hour.

After being examined at a local eye clinic, the doctor said that his eyesight is fine. Similarly, the pressure inside the eye. But when a man’s pupils are dilated and the doctor examined more closely, it was discovered the cause blurring of vision, which is a blood clot that blocks the blood supply in branch retinal artery, which supplies blood to the lining in the back of the eye.

This clot is usually formed from cholesterol and clumps of platelets (cell fragments). In such cases, the clot originating from the carotid artery or the main artery that carries blood to the head and neck.

Although small, this clot is a serious health problem. Those who have a blockage in the central or branch retinal artery eyes have a higher risk of stroke.

This case demonstrates the fact that the visual symptoms can be a warning sign of cardiovascular problems. Those who experience it need not have a history of problems in the eye, but have high cholesterol levels. Diagnosis of this case is amaurosis fugax or a condition in which a person loses vision in one eye, usually for a few minutes at a time, due to disruption of blood flow in the arteries.

Examines the eyes to be one of the easiest ways for doctors to see the condition of the vascular system or a network of blood vessels in the body. The eyes can give a good indication of a person’s health. Visit the eye doctor more often can be the first step in diagnosing health problems more severe.