Apr 29

Avoid Diabetes, This is the Characteristics and Ways to Prevent It

DiabetesDiabetes is a dangerous disease that generally suffered by someone who are obese or people who are elderly. For those of you who like sweet food department should be alert early on, because diabetes can spy on you anytime.

Diabetes is also called diabetes because urine issued does contain a lot of glucose or sugar. The reason was the decline in kidney function so that the urine is not produced either. If not promptly treated, people with diabetes may experience kidney failure, which is very dangerous.


Here are the characteristics of diabetes, you need to know :

  • Often feel hungry and thirsty. Appetite increased quite dramatically, but the weight continues to decline.
  • Often to urinate, especially at night. Urine was also released in large quantities.
  • Easy weight, limp, lethargic, sleepy and tired when doing something.
  • Generally, the patient will experience vision problems.
  • Generally, swelling in the legs of patients.
  • Often feel itching on the skin surface.
  • Another characteristic of diabetes that is if there is an injury to the skin, it is difficult to dry or cure.

Some efforts to prevent diabetes

  • Avoid sugary foods or too sweet. Such as candy, chocolate, and cookies that contain lots of sugar.
  • Apply a healthy diet by eating nutritious foods every day. The menu is well balanced, not too many carbohydrates.
  • Expand the vegetables and fruits that contain lots of fiber and nutrients useful for the body. Make it a habit to drink water as much as 7-8 cups per day. Also avoid sugary drinks such as soft drinks or syrups.
  • Exercise regularly, at least 30 minutes each day or may be you can try yoga, to exercise your body.

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