Jul 03

Baby Breastfeeding It turns out Can Make Mothers An orgasm?

breast momAn orgasm is usually in touch with sexual activity, but many women report feeling arousal while breastfeed the baby. Some women even reported experiencing orgasm during or after a feed.

In a study conducted in nursing mothers, as many as 40.5 percent of participants reported never felt aroused several times during breast-feeding a baby. A total of 16.7 percent reported even often feel sexual arousal while breastfeeding the baby, as reported by About.com.

And in a paper that is later than some of the studies, noted that 33-50 percent of mothers breast-feeding had an orgasm, despite 25 percent of them said feeling guilty.

Guilt arises because women are usually considered inappropriate if a mother aroused because of her own baby.

Of course not all mothers who breastfeed experience sexual stimulation. In fact there are many women who think that the experience as opposed to pleasure.

What causes a nursing mother could orgasm?
According to the researchers this is caused by oxytocin, the hormone that stimulates breast milk and spending triggered by breast stimulation.

The hormone oxytocin is also involved in other physiological processes, particularly in uterine contractions during childbirth and during orgasm. This hormone is also expected to be responsible for feelings of relaxation and experience orgasm without sexual stimulation, such as orgasm when feeling full.