Dec 15

Bad Vaginal Odor ? Here Is The Cause

smellOne of the problems often faced by women in bed is the scent of Miss V. They always ask what a good aroma on Miss V. According to a health expert, Miss V normal is no fragrance or unpleasant smells.

The stench in the vagina may be no problem in your sex organs. Could be this is triggered because of bacterial vaginosis, as written pages Womenhealthmag, Saturday (12/12/2015).

Recognize mark

Signs of bacterial vaginosis are itching or irritation. In addition, there is discharge from the miss. V with gray color and likes smelled fishy

“Unfortunately, all women think the itch is felt in the vagina they are due to a fungal infection,” said Fahimeh Sasan, doctor of osteopathic medicine, an OBGYN at The Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.

Not Regulate menstrual cycles

Bacterial vaginosis is not triggered by Regulate menstrual cycles. “The truth is, the intimate relationship that makes Miss V interacts with semen will change the pH of the vagina,” said Sasan.

Another cause of BV is the excessive growth of bacteria in the vagina, which is triggered by stress and infection.

Often occurs in lesbian

Apparently, BV more common in women related to same-sex, obviously Sasan. It is triggered because lesbians are more oral sex so that the microbial flora can make Miss V unstable area.

BV is the cause of whitish

“Forty to 50 percent of women will have BV at some point in their childbearing years,” said Sasan. Although many people tend to think a yeast infection is the most common cause of vaginal discharge.


There are two ways to treat BV. The options are the consumption of antibiotics called flaggy, can be taken twice a day for seven days, or vaginal treatment called metronidazole that is inserted into the vagina at bedtime for five nights.