Oct 29

Benefits of Dried Fruit for Health Body

dried fruitsDaily grind sometimes makes us forget to consume healthy foods such as vegetables or fruits. In addition, processed vegetables and fruits that were brought to the place of activity indeed seems troublesome, often make us lazy to bring such provision. As a result, we are more often run out rather than bring homemade healthy food provision for the obvious its nutrition value.

If you feel difficulty to consume healthy food, there is no harm in dried fruits you consume. In addition to the more practical to carry, no hassle, it processed some dried fruit would we review has great benefits for the body.

You want to know, 4 dry fruits that have great benefits for the body’s health?

1. Cherry

Research shows, Cherry is a good snack that can be consumed before going to bed. Dried cherries contain a lot of melatonin that helps you to quickly go to sleep. According to research from Michigan State University, consuming 20 dried cherries before sleep can hasten sleep, even for those who are affected by Insomnia. Some studies also mention eating more than 45 pieces of dried cherries can ease the pain of arthritis or arthritis.

2. Raisins

Super sweet and sticky snacks originally suspected as the cause of cavities, but recent research conducted at the University of Illionis reveals the opposite. Raisin thus prevents cavities and gum disease. Raisins are a source of oleanolic acid foods, which protects teeth and gums network email with scrub the plaque buildup, even also can prevent plaque sticking to the teeth. Dried currants also contain antibacterial compounds that prevent, gingivitis, a type of inflammatory disease of the gums that increase the risk of heart disease and stroke because of germs in the gums may find its way into the blood stream.

3. Dates

Natural candy is not only sweet, but can also relieve stress and helps to Flex the muscles tense. Dates contain an almost balanced ratio of calcium and magnesium, which are working in harmony to soothe the nervous system. One handheld dried dates can increase potassium (which regulates heart rate and respiration) than a banana. Some research in foreign countries also mentions the date palm has the highest antioxidant than any dried fruit.

4. Cranberry/Craisin

Cranberries contain a phytonutrient magically proven to kill the bacteria. Unfortunately, we hardly eat cranberries because it tastes too acidic. Cranberry juice contains only a little bit of real cranberries and too much sugar so that less give maximum efficacy.

A better choice is craisin (dried Cranberries). A study shows, eating only 1/3 cup of yummy fruit it per day may protect You from bacteria, including strains that are immune to the drugs, the cause of ulcers, urinary tract infections, staph infections, arterial plaque, even a hollow tooth. Earlier studies showed, even eating each day may help prevent the risk of cancer.