Apr 27

Benefits of Green Coffee For Healthy

green-coffee-beansGreen Coffee comes from coffee beans are not pan. Coffee has many health benefits. Many have claimed that the green coffee is excellent for weight loss.

In green coffee, there is a klorogenat acid acts as an antioxidant, which is not present on the coffee roasting. Some studies have shown that this klorogenat acid, which has a good effect for the health of the body.

In the usual coffee, flavor and aroma of coffee is more developed when roasting. If the green coffee beans, are less likely to have a distinctive aroma and a slightly bitter taste.

Although only a few studies that examine the health benefits of green coffee, but there is evidence that it is indeed a lot of green coffee has health benefits. The following shall be explained and some examples of successful study researching about the health benefits of green coffee:

1) Green Coffee to lose weight

According to research conducted by the Gastroenterology Research and Practice in 2011, the focus with the function of green coffee to lose weight.

According to the data that has been done by researchers, have found that an extract of green coffee is more effective for weight loss than placebo. However, for the other trials, many of which did not work. Indispensable for research re against the benefits of green coffee to lose weight.

In a study conducted by BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine shows that green coffee extract may protect the body from gaining weight, because the fight against fat. In addition, it is also very good for the liver and fat metabolism.

2) Green Coffee Can lower blood pressure

A study has been done by Hypertension Research shows that green coffee can lower blood pressure. They use samples as much as 117 men with mild high blood pressure, who were given a placebo, green coffee for consumption for 28 days. In the end, given the green coffee samples, blood pressure decreased, rather than fed palsebo.

3) Green Coffee can cure Alzheimer’s disease

According to a study conducted by Nutritional Neuroscience in 2012, suggesting that the extract of coffee helps protect the body from the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, green coffee can also help fight insulin resistance.

Green coffee is generally considered safe, but there is some concern if green coffee consumption in the long run, because it can increase the levels of homosistein (an amino acid that can lead to heart disease). In addition, green coffee consumption in the long run can interfere with blood sugar control. It is very important to use the advice of the doctor before consuming the green coffee in the long term.