Dec 06

Best Time Consuming Green Tea

green teaYou certainly already know the many benefits of green tea. It’s not just good for increasing the immunity of the body, green tea is also good for the health of the whole body. However, did you know there is a best time to drink green tea? Yep, the time is right will get you the maximum benefit of green tea.

1. After eating

Green tea will give you the best results if you consume it after a meal. Immediately after a meal, drink a glass of green tea. Also add lemon juice to add flavour. It will also launch the digestive system and prevent digestive problems. It would be better if you always take it after eating routine

2. Between meals

If you are just starting to consume green tea, it is recommended to consume between meals. For the first, it will not be noticeably heavy. However, select natural green tea to be consumed. For starters, you can get started with one cup per day. Next, you can increase your intake if you’ve grown accustomed to.

3. The afternoon

You are a fan of green tea? You can consume in the afternoon. Avoid drinking green tea after dinner or before going to bed. Therefore, green tea can interfere with Your sleep patterns. So, the best time to consume is in the afternoon. There is a wide selection of aroma of green tea, you can try the aroma of jasmine or honey.

4. After breakfast

If you are a “morning person”, you can consume green tea in the morning. But it is not advisable to drink green tea too early, drink after you finish breakfast. Ideally, drink a cup of green tea 30 minutes after breakfast. This is good for your digestive health.

5. Not in an empty stomach

Strongly not recommended to consume green tea under the conditions of an empty stomach. Some people believe, drink green tea before eating can help lose weight. This is not true. Up to now, there has been no evidence to show the truth of this theory. Instead of giving health benefits, it can cause health problems if you consume before meals.

6. In winter

Green tea is the best source of nutrients and antioxidants, so good is consumed in winter. Although you belong to lovers of black tea, there is no harm in consuming green tea in the winter for added energy. Drink one hour after lunch, avoid to consuming at night.

7. In the summer

Not only the good is consumed in winter, green tea is also beneficial during the summer. Because both to prevent dehydration. Drinking two cups of green tea after lunch. In addition, you can consume it whenever you want. Most people consume up to three cups of green tea per day. Therefore, to make the body feel more fresh.