Jul 05

Black Tea Is Potent Eradicate Cancer

black teaThe habit of drinking tea on a regular basis, especially black tea, have a positive impact for the health of the eradicate the growth of cancer cells.

Some outstanding recent study revealed the compound contained in black tea was able to prevent the development of cancer cells in the body, especially if you consume them regularly.

Black tea is more oxidized than the green variety, and white tea. These three varieties are made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis. Black tea is generally more flavor and taste more than contain caffeine tea that is not oxidized.

Does black tea is still relatively difficult to purchased at various supermarkets. But, black tea helps fight cancer cells.

Working mechanism of black tea in the fight against cancer cells is also evident in two recent studies conducted by experts.

In the first study, researchers from New Jersey evaluates theaflavin-2 (TF-2), unique compounds in black tea, and showed that the compound can kill cancer cells. This process is called apoptosis.

“Research is done to determine the mechanism, and done bt TF-2 for records indicate the death of cancer cells, including the effects of inflammation,” said Dr. Bond Team as an advisor of health tea.

TF-2 is a substance that is known to trigger cancer cell death by stimulating cell shrinkage in three hours of treatment. TF-2 is also capable of suppressing the activity of genes that induce enzymes siklooksigenase 2, while reducing the activity of the molecules that cause inflammation.

The results showed, the TF-2 is the main component in the black tea that can kill cancer cells through gene regulation mechanisms and reduce inflammation.

Furthermore, the second study, researchers from India researched the effects of Polyphenols in green tea and black tea.

“Polyphenols from green tea and black both to reduce tumors by as much as 77% and reduce the risk of cancer cell growth by as much as 92%,” explained Bond.

The results of this research will still continue to be examined to ascertain whether truly effective benefits of black tea and green tea to fight malignant diseases that.