May 07

Blood Type B? Avoid to Eat Chicken Meat!

Chicken MeatA natural medical practitioner Peter J. Adamo, revealed that blood type has different reactions to food consumed by a person and will have an impact on the digestive process. As is known, the classification of human blood is divided into 4 groups, namely blood groups A, B, AB, and O.

Relating to the type of food consumed, blood group B owners should avoid the consumption of chicken meat. Chicken meat contains lecithin which can lead to decreased immunity and impaired blood flow in the body. Excessive consumption of chicken meat greatly at risk of heart attack and stroke. In addition to chicken, blood group B owners also should avoid the consumption of nuts as it can interfere with the formation of insulin in the body that are useful to stabilize blood sugar.

For owners of the B blood type should eat a variety of dairy products such as yoghurt and ice cream and processed dairy-based food preparations other dairy ingredients. Dairy foods that tend to be well taken because the content of the milk produce a positive reaction in the digestive process owner’s blood type B.