Oct 21

Breakfast Make You Stay Slim Body

breakfastMost people are reluctant to have breakfast because they thought that the breakfast would make their body fat. But in fact a study as reported by dailymail.co.uk say that diligent breakfast can actually make you more slim.

Research conducted at the University of Bath is to compare two groups of people who diligently breakfast and rarely for breakfast. This research was carried out for 6 weeks. As a result, the group turned out to be a little more diligent breakfast snack than those who are lazy for breakfast.

“Surprisingly, it turns out breakfast can influence people to lazy snacking. So blood sugar and caloric food they consumed was more controlled. Their metabolic system that breakfast was better than those who do not have breakfast,” said Dr.. James Bett, principal investigator of the study.

Research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition is also said that the breakfast could prevent you to eat more food during the day. So, still think that the breakfast was not important?