Jun 22

Brush Your Teeth With The Technique And The Right Time Avoid Caries

dental cariesWhether that becomes a major problem of oral health? Dental caries. Yes, this average thrives in most industrialized countries. About 60-90 percent occur in school-age children and most adults.

Dental caries caused by infections that damage the tooth structure and ultimately causes cavities. If not handled properly, this disease can lead to pain, tooth date, even led to death. When caries are preventable cause more severe impacted, if the sufferer regularly visiting the dentist.

Unfortunately, the average Community has yet to make a visit to the dentist as being mandatory and routine. The cause is the presence of the assumption the cost of checking gear to the dentist are expensive.

Then, how about actually taking care of the teeth and mouth is a good thing? The first important thing in maintaining oral health is brushing your teeth with the right techniques and in a timely manner. Many people still mistakenly do it in two.

The correct brushing technique done with a twist at least 15 seconds for each tooth. Do the vertical movement also to lift dirt from between the teeth. Use dental floss and mouthwash in order that the mouth is more clean and fresh. Don’t forget to clean the tongue also with special Scrubs.

People also still think brushing your teeth quite done before breakfast and before heading off to bed. Whereas the most appropriate is brushing your teeth every time you finish a meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

Well, so simple in fact, not keeping oral health? All it takes is discipline and the will to change the pattern of habits.