Sep 01

Characteristics Of Headache Due To Brain Tumor

headacheMost headaches felt by the community is not caused due to a brain tumor. However, despite such headaches that appears should not be considered trivial, because this could be a signal of a serious health disorder.

The headache itself can appear as a result of several factors triggers. Such is the level of stress, migraines, sinusitis, and tumors. Therefore You must be alert and began to learn to read signals a headache so that proper treatment can be chosen.

According to Dr. Gene Barnett, there are some important points to keep in mind and can be used as a warning signal to find out whether the headaches experienced a symptom of brain tumor or not. The following explanation:

1. New headache

You previously never experienced headaches but have recently started to experience it. Especially if the headaches that felt different than ever before, both the level of pain as well as the length of Your headaches. This could be a feature of the existence of a brain tumor.

2. Other symptoms Appear

If the headache You feel other symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, vomiting, lost consciousness or sudden fainting, seizures, difficulty talking, weakness in the limbs or problems with peripheral vision, it can be so characterized by the presence of a brain tumor.

3. Headaches in the morning

If you are having headaches began in the morning and accompanied by nausea and vomiting, it could be a brain tumor characteristics. But the headaches in the morning which continued until all day can also be caused due to other causes. Immediately check with yourself.

4. Headache that gets worse

Are you having headaches that appear the longer the more often. Starting from the period of days, weeks, and months? It could be the characteristics of headache caused by a brain tumor.

For those of you who feel often have headaches, you should check with your doctor immediately. Though not necessarily caused by a brain tumor, but there is no harm if you are more vigilant and do the treatment as early as possible.

Symptoms of a brain tumor itself can be very broad and diverse. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the diagnosis doctor examination of the cause of your headache. One of the methods of the examination is often done is to do a CT-scan.