May 06

Chewing Gum, Boost Brain Capability

Chewing GumThere are interesting from the research results of Professor Serge Onyper, a psychologist from the St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York. Onyper revealed that the activity of chewing gum can affect the brain’s ability to reach accomplishments.

This may already be known and even practiced by many people when doing activities. For example, just look at the athletes basketball or football, even the coach they are often seen chewing gum.

For a student, chewing gum is also effective to boost student achievement when faced with school exams. Chewing gum can improve brain response up to 10 percent faster. Increased brain capacity was triggered by the influence of mastication-induced arousal.

To achieve maximum results, in terms of getting a brain condition that is really optimized to be invited to think with full concentration, Onyper suggested that the activity of chewing gum made approximately 20 minutes before the test, if this is done in the mind can concentrate without being distracted by activity chew.