Jul 17

Coriander Oil Kill Bacteria Causes Stomach Pain

CorianderCoriander Oil To Kill Bacteria Causes Abdominal Pain. For those who have a hobby of cooking, cilantro of course are familiar. The spices used as a condiment for this dish turned out to be a drug, because it contains an antibiotic to kill harmful bacteria causes stomach pain.

The coriander in Latin named Coriandrum sativum is a kind of spices like pepper, cursory but smaller and it was not spicy. It was typical but not too strong so it is highly frowned upon.

In addition to the popular cooking as a spice, cilantro is also often used as a medicine, e.g. to overcome digestive disorders. Usually to overcome the diarrhea, then braised coriander water rebusannya drink on a regular basis every day until the symptoms subside.

Efficacy of coriander to overcome diarrhoea especially triggered by bacterial infection has been demonstrated recently in a study at the University of Beira Interior, portugal. The research report can be found in the Journal of Medical Microbiology.

In the study, the content of which is used as a drug is oil of coriander. With the concentration of 1.6 percent, the oil is mixed with the 12 types of harmful bacteria including Escherichia coli, Salmonella and Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

Research led by Dr. Fernanda Domingues were pointed out, growth of the 12 types of harmful bacteria can be inhibited with the oil of coriander. Even MRSA which is known as the superbug aka already immune to various antibiotics, can also be killed with coriander oil.

“Coriander Oil could be an alternative to be used as a natural antibiotic. We envision the cilantro can be made in the form of lotions, mouthwash or even a tablet and used as antibiotics, “said Dr. Domingues as quoted from Foxnews.