Dec 19

Create A Healthy Environment For Babies

healthy kidsHealthy environment for a baby is one of the things that should receive full attention. It is concerned with the health and development of infants, besides a healthy environment for the baby also can provide a sense of security and comfort for baby. Although it seems simple, but sometimes the parents, especially for young couples who first had a baby sometimes overlooked and indifferent to a healthy environment for the baby. As a result, the baby becomes susceptible to various diseases and feel uncomfortable, now therefore below, there are some easy ways to create a healthy environment for the baby. For you young mothers should keep your health and your baby’s development by creating a healthy environment below:

  1. You should always clean your baby’s room regularly.
  2. Create a room temperature or an appropriate environment that can make your baby feel comfortable. Lack of proper environmental temperature may give rise to a reaction on the baby’s skin as the direct emergence of red spots.
  3. Pay attention to your baby’s room ventilation, ventilation of your baby’s room should not be too wide and not too narrow, because the air is constantly changing conditions in the room will be very good for your baby. In addition, some cases of prickly heat can be overcome with the cool air environment.
  4. If your baby’s room temperature is too hot, you can use the air conditioner or fan, but the use of the fan do not directly lead to the baby.
  5. You need to avoid the use of any kind of insect repellent. If you want your baby avoid mosquito bites, then use netting only. Because the toxins contained in insect repellent feared would endanger the health of the baby.
  6. Cut your baby’s nails regularly, nails babies are not well maintained often bring a variety of skin problems baby. As your baby’s nails long if it will be used to scratch her baby so that there will be an infection, for it cuts your baby’s nails regularly.