Nov 08

Danger and Bad Effects Shave Armpits

armpitsOne part of the body that is often overlooked is the armpit. Maybe because you feel that the armpit is the part that is always closed and are rarely seen, so it does not need to be given special attention.

“When in fact, the armpit is the most ‘tortured’ from other parts of the human skin, for example, is always moist, it contains a lot of bacteria, and are always covered. This is why we should be paying attention to this section. ”

In fact, if not treated it clean, underarm hair will blend with the sweat and bacteria, and produce odors.

According to research conducted by Unilever in Beauty Understanding Survey in 2011, about 78 percent of women choose to use to take care of hygiene deodorant under his arms, and about 89 percent choose to remove underarm hairs.

There are two ways to eliminate underarm hair is the most popular, is to shave and remove underarm hair. Approximately 55 percent of women choose to shave, and 37 percent would prefer to repeal the armpit hair. “Shaving is an easier way, quick, and painless compared to revoke.”

The danger shave the hair armpits

Underarm skin skin layer contains slightly different than other skin types. In this underarm skin layer there is a layer that contains a lot of cholesterol which is quite a lot, and its a little content ceramides (adhesive cells). The structure of the skin layer is made ​​more sensitive underarm skin compared to other body parts.

Armpit hair shaving process proved to be dangerous and can ruin the appearance. Because when shaved armpits, around the third or underarm skin around 2-3 mg exfoliate the skin will come. “Without any need to be shaved, the skin will peel off naturally. However, by shaving the skin is forced to peel. ”

Forced peeling skin will make the skin younger who are not ready to “perform” to the surface too quickly. As a result, young skin will be healthy should be a layer of dry, coarse, damaged, irritation due to injuries suffered, and underarm skin turns black. Evidently, about 68 percent of women who shave armpits armpits feel that skin turns black. Approximately 83 percent of women experience irritation after shaving, and about 2 out of 3 women feel rough skin after shaving.

Skin conditions such as this will definitely damage the appearance and your self-confidence, especially when wearing a sleeveless dress. In addition, the skin feels pain and smarting armpits.