Oct 30

Dangers That Can Appear Due to Hair Coloring

haircoloringHair coloring has become one of the ways to look beautiful for a woman. As the Crown of the women, the hair must be one of the factors of beauty. No wonder a lot of coloring their hair to make it look pretty.

Nowadays a lot of women who choose to dye her hair. There is a hair coloring for wanting to appear more beautiful, but there is also a hair coloring just to cover gray hair problems.

Do you also love coloring hair? If Yes, you should first know the risks or adverse effects that may occur due to hair coloring. As revealed by the Mag For Women, at least there are 7 risks of hair coloring.

Following the explanation, as quoted from independence.com:

1. Can cause allergies

Some of the hair dye products it could engender an allergic reaction in your body. This is because the hair dye usually contains certain chemicals that can trigger allergies in certain people. Make sure you’ve done test first before wearing it.

2. Cause skin irritation

Hair coloring products is circulating in the market, it turns out there is a risk to cause irritation on the scalp. Usually the effect that arises is the skin itch, wounds, and a burning sensation in the scalp. There is also a hair dye that can cause irritation and redness in the eyes.

3. Hormonal Disorders

Several chemical hair dye product turned out to contain etoksilat alkylphenol (APE), which is found in spermicides and pesticides. The risky chemicals can trigger hormonal disturbances within the body of the user.

4. Breast cancer

Material para-phenylenediamine (PPED) contained in most chemical hair dye products, it can trigger the appearance of disease of breast cancer. These compounds can be carcinogenic on the breast.

5. Cancer in children

A woman who uses hair dye shortly before conception or during pregnancy, her likelihood of developing cancer 10 times bigger. So, we recommend that you avoid using hair dye while pregnant or if it will be.

6. Hodgkins Disease

According to a study, regular use of chemical hair dye-risk causes disease Hodgkins lymphoma. Hodgkins disease is another type of lymph cancer, and multiple myeloma.

7. The disease Lymphoma

They often wear chemical hair dyes are exposed to higher risk of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer that attacks the lymphatic system, which is part of the immune system.

Activities coloring the hair does look simple. However, you should not choose hair dye products carelessly. Make sure the hair dye you choose it is safe and has been tested by experts.