Apr 16

Don’t Make It A Habit Keeps A Mobile Phone In Your Pocket, This Is Dangerous!

Mobile Phone In Your PocketCurrently, mobile phones have become an indispensable tool by virtually everyone, without trouble, we will phone to communicate quickly

With the mobile communication can be done more easily and quickly whenever and wherever in line with increasingly sophisticated devices and networks that are now available.

But despite the benefits thereof, there are other effects that need to be controlled. The doctors of the organization of the League of Nations health Russia warn that this device can harm the nervous system of the us.

“The main danger that can attack the nervous system, endocrine and reproductive systems, but can also hit” said Nikolai Kononov, Vice President of the League of Nations ‘ health.

The danger lies in the fact that the biological effects of electromagnetic fields is to create the effect of delayed degenerative processes, including the development of the central nervous system, leukemia, brain cancer, and hormonal disorders.

Electromagnetic waves are very dangerous, especially for children and pregnant women in advanced stages of pregnancy, which is why pregnant women are advised to shorten conversations when using mobile devices as much as possible.

Mobile users are encouraged not to overcook when talking on the phone. Experts from the League of Nations ‘ health said, it is better to call as many as 5 times for 1 minute of call 1 time but it lasts for 5 minutes. They also say that the distance between each call must be at least a 15 minutes.

Electromagnetic radiation levels will be decreased if there is a distance between the body and the mobile phone, which is why more recommend using a hands-free device or some sort of headset. The experts also suggested to keep Mobile from our vital organs, do not keep it in the pocket of the pants or a dress, better store and bring it inside the bag.

The habit of bringing mobile in the Pocket is not recommended. Store and carry it in your Pocket means closer even taped the phone into the body. Carry it in your Pocket pants will threaten the endocrine system and the health of the reproductive system. The endocrine system is a set of glands and organs that produce and regulate hormones in the blood stream to control many functions of the body. This system overlaps with the nervous system and exocrine and responsibilities include metabolism, growth, and sexual development.

Currently, as many as 70% of the total population worldwide receive electromagnetic radiation from their mobile phone and you are one of them. Now be careful in using mobile phones, avoiding the disease is certainly more better than having to treat.