Mar 30

Enjoying Food Is The Secret Of French Women Stay Slim


If you visit France or other countries in Europe you will be reminded of the food menu such as pasta, cheese, bacon and menus of dietary restrictions. But why is the body of the woman there slim despite eating a variety of delicious foods?

Written in a book titled Why French Women Do Get Fat, not the nice body shape of men and women in France is not because they diet. But it is simply a lifestyle. Like what his lifestyle.

The very first they are always ‘ joie de vivre ‘. This is translated meaning to enjoy life. Every Frenchman has the motto that they should enjoy his life. French people always enjoy every meal they eat. They always eat the food slowly and small portions. Chewing tastes have done with caution while tasting all the spices that enter the food. Therefore the fat burning still occurs when they are eating.

In addition to enjoying life, they also love to walk because it is considered a simple and effective sport. The wide and comfortable streets are intended for residents prefer to walk. In addition, they also do not let themselves know the stress that can cause obesity.