Apr 22

Even Heavy Ride After The Gym? Do Not Be Afraid!

gymnasticAfter a vigorous fitness for a few months instead of weighing you down even further up? Do not be afraid! Do not also stop to go to the gym.

Weight gain after you diligently go fitness not because you are getting fatter, but the muscles you are up. Because the muscle is heavier than fat, so your weight is going up even if your fat is reduced. Muscle that is formed will tighten and beautify your body shape. It is coveted by many people.

At first you may not be aware, but the people around you will begin to notice changes in your body shape. Despite the weight of your ride, but otherwise your body will be more sleek and beautifully shaped.

If the muscle you up after your workout, it is a good thing, its mark in ways of exercising are correct.

Muscles are formed not only when you lift heavy loads like the burly man, muscles can be formed when you are cycling, running, Boxing, Muay Thai, TRX, Yoga, or even crunches and push-ups. So basically when you’re moving and exercising, automatically you will build muscle.

But don’t be afraid to muscular. Not a muscle like a bodybuilder to be formed, because the hormone testosterone that women are only 1/100 of that of men. Thus, even though a woman lifting weights, he will not be a big muscular except with the help of steroids. This is why women tend to muscle tightening or solidified and look sexy when practicing weights.

Research also shows that women who are diligent weight training can help maintain bone mineral density and increased bone modeling. This is particularly important for women approaching menopause because their bone density begins to decrease and the risk exposed to osteoporosis. In other words, the perception of women don’t have to work out is a great one. More women need exercise exercise than men, because women are more at risk of osteoporosis due to menopause.

A joyous fact that muscle will burn fat at any time, even when you sleep though the muscle will still work to burn fat. Therefore, the greater the muscle, the more fat is burned during your daily activities, as well as the more fat that keeps burning even though you’re sleeping.

Another one, the greater the muscle mass you need calories per day you are also getting bigger, it means your body needs per day intake is getting bigger. You may consume more calories in a day, but this needs to be taken into account. Not because you’ve been exercising and have high muscle mass, you can eat as much as possible, this is the wrong perception that much is done by the women, and cause their fat levels instead rose drastically. Use the gauge provided by the fitness center to calculate the fat content as well as the muscles in your body, the number of calories burned by your muscle mass when you are not moving, also need your caloric intake per day.

Calculate the amount of intake per day you, and many vegetable and fruit consumption which contain lots of fiber and contain fewer calories.

But if you have fairly high fat content, do not focus upon the formation of muscle first, start concentrating on fat-burning cardio in a way, and it was only then you form the muscle.