Jun 22

Exercise After Vacation

calciumIf you had not been exercising for a long vacation, try starting it again by taking the following tips.

  1. Perform interval training. Run with high intensity for one minute each time after jogging 10 minutes. According to an American study, such an exercise will burn 36% more fat than ordinary exercise.
  2. Eating fiber-rich snack 2-3 hours before exercise so as not to starve after exercise. Along with the development of muscle, the body absorbs more insulin, so you may experience a drop in blood sugar after exercise. Eat slowly digested foods, such as porridge oats (oatmeal) and apples.
  3. Practicing yoga. Sport it does burn less calories than cardio exercise, but can increase the strength and reduce the fat folds. A study that looked at 15,500 men revealed that those who practice yoga weight loss of 2.5 kg in 10 years, while that does not do yoga gained about 6.7 kg.