Jan 25

Exercise While Watching Television

exercise-while-watching-TVTo stay healthy and fun watching the television, perform the following exercise.

More and more television programs increasingly make people lazy exercise. Like opium, television makes people linger at home sitting or lay down in front of him.  But according to the results of the research, the University of Queensland, Australia, one hour every time we run out to sit watching television has reduced 22 minutes of our age.

Television habits, in addition to making a lazy move, also tend to make us obese. Because most of them engrossed watching television while eating a dish that is not healthy. As snacks.  But another case, if the habit of watching television of this coupled with exercise.

Here’s some light sport activities that you can do, but also not miss the display of your favorite television program.

Yoga. You can just roll out your yoga mats in front of the tv and do various movements of yoga. Brett Larkin (brettlarkin.com) yoga practitioners, suggest some movement of yoga can be done while watching television. How can You follow on this link

Stretch. You can stretch without having to go far from the sofa where you sit and miss your favorite television program. Refer to the tutorial from the Sugar Pop Fitness on this link

Push ups and Squats. According to Kathy Smith, fitness practitioners, you can do push ups and squats while watching television. If you don’t want to lose concentration watching television, do the exercises when the commercial break.

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