Oct 11

Financial Problems Can Lead to Brain Health Descent

People who are experiencing financial problems usually do not prioritize health. In fact, from a study revealed financial problems even can reduce brain health.Brain

Studies conducted on 3,400 US adults aged 18-30 years, in the period 1985-2010. At the end of the study, each participant followed the three standard tests to measure the function of the brain, the thinking ability, memory and information processing speed.

The result, researchers found a strong link between the financial problems experienced by participants with cognitive decline or their brain. But the most notable is the decline in the pace of their brains when processing information.

Evident from the comparison between the performance of the brain of participants who experienced economic difficulties that do not. They are experiencing economic hardship shows the test results are worse than those who have never faced financial problems.

Even the researchers concluded that economic problems could be an important factor in the aging brain, although it does not indicate a causal relationship between the two.

“Maintaining cognitive ability is of key importance in maintaining health, but we cannot always avoid the financial problems,” said lead researcher, Adina Zeki Al Hazzouri from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

This is because, continued Al Hazzouri, income per person is dynamic or changing often, especially at a young age until late middle age. Only this time the effect is not realized by many parties.

“Later, with due regard to changes in income and financial difficulties within a certain time, we can determine the impact on a person’s cognitive health,” he said, as reported by CBS News.

Economic difficulties also synonymous with termination of employment and retirement. Some studies reveal, unemployed men did provide a greater effect than for women.

Studies reveal, for men, the effects are unemployed or retired as well as aging. However, this allegedly does not apply to women because women who are unemployed are still faced with the housework