Nov 24

Food & Beverage Can Prevent cavities

dentistSweet and sour foods can make cavities. But there is food and drink is good for teeth. What is it?

Here are the details:

1. Water

It is very necessary. You should rinse your mouth with water every meal or drink (drinks hot or cold).

2. Dairy products

Milk and cheese have essential vitamins and minerals. Dairy products can fill the calcium needed dental health.

3. Fruits and vegetables

Foods rich in fiber can rub your teeth clean. Fruits and vegetables are crisp like the juicy cucumber, watermelon, apple, pear, has a water content that is not a lot of fructose.

4. Nuts

Vitamins, minerals, calcium, iron, potassium, zinc and other nutrients present in nuts such as almonds, walnuts, cashews and peanuts are good for your teeth.

5. Green tea

A cup of hot green tea has polyphenols that help suppress the bacteria and can help fight cavities and plaque. Coffee and cocoa are also beneficial.

Most important of all, do not brush your teeth after drinking or eating something sour, carbonated drinks, because the enamel eroded much faster.

Rinse it with water thoroughly, wait for about half an hour to let the saliva naturally do its job. Then brush your teeth.