Nov 26

Food that Make cavities

cavitiesThere are some foods that are extremely harmful to the teeth and this can cause some problems. These foods generally are often consumed daily without having to think. In fact, the effect can create cavities.

Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Mukul Dabholkar, said that some foods can cause enamel erosion which can make teeth sensitive to hot, cold, sweet, and sour.

Indeed, today there are pressing toothpaste tooth sensitivity. But if the tooth enamel damage worsens, the tooth becomes brittle in a certain time and your teeth become perforated.

In fact, once the tooth is broken, there is no drug that can lead us into a natural healthy state.

Aesthetic Dentist, Dr Karishma Jaradi, said that if a person can not stop from these foods, you should brush your teeth and rinse thoroughly. Use floss to clean between the teeth of food.

Visit your dentist regularly can control the damage to the teeth.

“The main principle is to protect your teeth sugar should stay in your mouth as short as possible,” said Dr. Dabholkar.

The following foods should be avoided:

1. Candy, caramel

Candy stick and cling to the surface of the teeth and takes a long time to clean it. It was very dangerous.

2. Food acids

If you think a lemon as a remedy teeth whitening, you need to think again. This is very dangerous and after eating oranges, lemons, tomatoes, teeth must be rinsed thoroughly.

3. The pills are chewed

Drugs that chewed has concentrated acids that harm teeth as attached. Even health drinks and vitamin water bad for dental health.

4. Starchy foods

Potato chips, white bread, pizza, pasta and burgers can be easily stuck between the teeth and in the crevices between two teeth. Indeed, this food is not sweet, but the starch in the food immediately convert into sugar due process in the mouth.

5. Soda and energy drinks

Sweet beverages such as carbonated beverages, sports drinks are very bad for your teeth if someone drinking regularly.

Sipping sweet drink continuously for hours is also very dangerous, it is better to drink it all at once.

6. Dried Fruit

Dried fruits can be harmful to our teeth because it contains concentrated sugar and sticky. Examples of dried raisins, prunes, and apricots.