Jul 09

Foods That Can Damage The liver Organ

High Fructose Corn SyrupYour liver is the one organ that has the most tasks. The liver is the air filter and toxic chemicals, drug metabolism, energy storage, maker of enzymes and is approximately 500 other tasks. The liver works to make sure your body gets enough nutrients it needs, and keep your body from toxins in food throughout the day. When conditions in a state that is not good, you may feel lethargic, flatulence, moody or even often feel hungry. In conditions continue to be silenced protracted without prevention, heart broken and can even be fatal – if not now maybe someday.

We may all be accused of alcohol is the only drink that can damage the liver. But the fact that there are some things that are bad for your heart and it seems you are already familiar with them. One example is a refined sugar that you mix into your coffee each morning. Whatever you consume will reach your heart, and if you are supplying the liver of toxins more than one day would yell.

Fortunately, there is still much we can do to help keep it clean heart, which could begin with you what you eat. Avoid foods that damage the liver can help keep the heart healthy and functional. See also: Top 10 Foods that nourish organs Heart

Here are the top foods that can contribute to damage to your liver

Foods high in Sodium

The food is very high in sodium, such as canned food, junk food, fast food is food that is aggravating the liver. Normal sodium levels actually help the body, which regulate body fluids and blood pressure. But if you are prone to fluid retention, try to avoid foods that are high in sodium / sodium too much. Salt can create excessive fluid in the liver. Other high-sodium foods to watch out for include: deli meats, cheese, Pizza, high fructose corn syrup, soy sauce and salt.

High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Beverages and foods containing high fructose corn syrup also wreak havoc on your liver. Soft drinks typically contain 55% fructose. Research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that eating lots of fructose can cause liver damage even if you are not fat though. Common foods that contain these are soda, fried foods, especially crackers crisps.

Foods with Trans Fat

Trans Fats found in foods, or foods that contain partially hydrogenated oils are common in processed foods or fried. Even a tiny bit of trans fats raise bad cholesterol. In fact, all the LDL of trans fats will be delivered to our hearts, and will increase the risk of many diseases.

High-sugar foods

Foods containing high amounts of sugar or fructose as raisins and delicious juice mouth was not bad in the liver. Fructose causes disturbances in the body in the same way with other forms of sugar. In fact, too much fructose can induce Dyslipidemia, or the amount of fat in the blood that is abnormal. According to a study published in 2013 Hepatology, fructose closely associated with fatty liver and inflammation. A small number of good fruit to eat, but too much can cause problems – Currants, Juice, Fast Food food, and anything sweet.

Fried / oil fried foods

We all probably know that fried foods have a negative effect on the liver, but it turns out eating french fries, fried chicken, cheese actually has an effect on our hearts were very similar to hepatitis. Eating fried foods also increase bad cholesterol and decrease good cholesterol.

Drugs and certain supplements

Antidepressant medications are prescription drugs and should be prescribed by a doctor, and if it does not follow instructions can cause liver problems. This is because the liver is difficult because it complicates antidepressants contributed as a poison. Supplements also should be confirmed prior to the doctor, because most are not so healthy for your heart even though it can provide promising results.