Apr 14

Fruit Mask For Oily Facial Skin Problems

fruit-maskOily skin face problem is a skin problem that is most easily found. Causes of oily facial skin of course related to the routine is done. In principle, the skin is indeed producing oils used to moisturize the skin in order to avoid dryness. However, if the oil production too much, it will have an impact on the emergence of acne disease. To cope with the oily face skin can use natural ingredients that are familiar. And for more details yet, the following will be discussed in detail.

Fruit of the lemon is indeed a natural ingredients known to have efficacy for oily skin face problems. The fruit has a sour taste to it has vitamin C that very much, and is very beneficial for the health of facial skin. Ways of utilization of lemon the first is by drinking the juice of a lime, and for the peel can be directly rubbed on the entire face is oily. However, the thing to watch out for is when the skin are acne-prone, should avoid rubbing the face with orange peel, because it will only worsen the situation.

Apples can also be used to overcome the oily facial skin. The benefits of apples as a natural remedy

to ward off the oil on the face of it is inseparable from the content in it. Apples are rich in substance, capable of lifting anti oil all oil and dirt on the face at once. The way it is used is to sublimate 1 apples already cut into small pieces using a blender. Then store in the fridge for 15 minutes before uses as the mask.

The next natural ingredients is to use pineapple fruit. Fruit that abstinence is consumed by a pregnant woman when it had the ability to get rid of the oil on the face. It is used the same way with the utilization of apples made masks. And the last is a natural ingredient of grapes. Vitamin-rich fruit is indeed believed could eliminate the excess oil on the skin of the face. The way it is used is also very easy, just by cutting grapes into two parts, and then apply it to the entire face.