Jun 09

Get a Healthy Body With Yoga Gymnastics

yoga1Yoga is a breathing exercise that combines physical and psychological elements simultaneously. In it there is also a mix of activities involving concentration, spiritual, and of course the physical movements themselves. Many people who follow a variety of yoga classes for purposes such as relieving stress, maintain health, recover from disease, and also to keep up appearances as the ideal body shape or fresh-faced and bright which helps improve the quality of healthy life. Yoga as a healthy life

Yoga can also be used as a therapy for specific symptoms so as to minimize the potential for disease. For example, for a study conducted in 2009 by Alternative Health Therapies and Medicine, concludes that run regular yoga three times a week for 10 consecutive weeks can lower the symptoms of RA. In fact not only that, women who experienced psychological stress can decrease levels of depression when providing at least 75 minutes per day for the yoga.

In addition, the benefits of yoga for women is also very pronounced when entering pregnancy. Not surprisingly, there is yoga designed specifically for pregnant women because it can improve the health of themselves and their babies. One of them is a baby could be born with a higher body weight and reduce the risk of hypertension. It is the result of research that is contained in the journal Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

Yoga can also be used as a therapy for certain symptoms that women who are exposed to minimize the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Yoga is also very good for the treatment of several diseases such as high blood pressure, coronary arteries, diabetes, and diseases associated with breathing. Similarly to suffering from insomnia. Based on the research of University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, lymphoma patients who have difficulty sleeping even easier to fall asleep and sleep longer, so they also reduce the dose of sleeping pills are consumed. So to say that doing yoga exercise routine, whatever poses and movements, can maintain a healthy quality of life. This includes problems related to appearance or sexual intercourse.

In general, the practice of yoga gives two benefits at once, namely physical health and mental health. Physically, yoga can develop muscle, prevent pain, and ease breathing. Besides it can make your heart rate and blood pressure decreased. The autonomic nervous system would be more balanced. In addition, yoga can also increase the Galvanic Skin Response (GSR). As for mental health and soul, yoga exercise routine can prevent a person from stress and increase alertness body.

Practicing yoga every day on a regular basis with the same duration of time can keep the body from various kinds of physical and mental illness. Healthy living in addition influenced by environmental factors and food, is also determined by the mind. And practice concentration in any yoga definitely helps a person to release the crushing burden of his mind.