Apr 04

Get to know a Brain Tumor Causes And Natural Treatment

BrainAt any time to hear the word tumor, then people will feel goose bumps. But actually the tumor is not always dangerous because there are two types of tumor that is malignant tumors and benign tumors. Benign tumors are usually not dangerous because these tumors do not spread and if love is taken then will not be required, whereas malignant tumors are spread and the tumor is dangerous because these tumors are often referred to with the disease cancer.

The tumor grows in different places on the body so that the names of different tumors. No such thing as liver tumors, tumors of the uterus, brain tumor, intestinal tumors, breast tumors, tumors of the neck, and so on. And we are going to discuss here is a brain tumor. According to most experts, a brain tumor is a tumor that is most severe.

What is a Brain Tumor?

In this article, will only explain a brain tumor the specifics and details about the causes, symptoms, and how to cure brain tumors. Note the previous understanding of tumor that occurs in the brain, i.e. where cells grow around or even in the brain are unnatural or abnormal and uncontrolled, too. As has been explained earlier that the tumors are divided into two types, namely benign tumor and malignant tumor. Same is the case with the tumor in the brain, there are also benign and some malignant. Benign tumors on the brain is not harmful, whereas malignant tumors in the brain can cause brain cancer.

The types of Tumors that grow in the brain

Tumor in the brain have different names or types based on where the tumor was growing. You need to know the names and types of tumor in the brain. The following are the names of a brain tumor, giloma, menigioma, hemangioma, acoustic neuroma, pituitary adenoma, Craniopharyngioma, medulloblastoma, PNETs, and germ cell tumors. These names are tumors that grow in the brain and obliged to look out for. In addition, you also need to know the causes or triggers and symptoms of tumors in

Trigger factors and Brain Tumors Symptoms

We need to know the symptoms of a brain tumor as early as possible to be able to cope with the disease. There are several symptoms that can be seen when subjected to tumors in the brain. Symptoms of tumors that grow in the brain sometimes not so visible because symptoms usually occur slowly. Symptoms are influenced by the size and growth of the tumor itself. The symptoms are also affected by the location of the tumor grows in the brain. However, the symptoms are often seen is often felt pain in the head and also the occurrence of seizures.

In addition to the symptoms, you need to know the triggers or causes the onset of a brain tumor. The following will be explained the triggers brain tumor. It turns out that the cause of the occurrence of tumors in the brain usually caused by tumor-other tumors that occur in the body. Outline the growing tumor on the brain caused by genetic factors, smoking habit, and the age factor. While the tumor on the brain is also caused by tumor-other tumors, such as breast cancer, kidney cancer, colon cancer, and lung cancer. Because malignant tumors are spread out so that the spread of other tumors can affect the incidence of tumors in the brain.

Natural Cure Brain Tumors

As has been widely known that to treat tumors that grow in the brain there are two ways. The first way is a way of using the tools of medicine such as surgery, chemotherapy, laser beams, and gene therapy. While the second is the way that alternative treatments for a brain tumor. This treatment usually uses traditional ways and natural ingredients that don’t contain harsh chemicals.

Natural remedy for brain tumors is to consume the pomegranate fruit. Consume the pomegranate fruit regularly and routinely can treat disease on the brain tumor. Fennel seeds can also be used to treat brain tumors trick is to boil the fennel seeds in water, then water the former the fennel seeds decoction drunk regularly, it will help heal the growing tumor on the brain.

In addition fennel seeds, cumin and white is also a good medicine to treat tumors that grow in the brain. Just like fennel seeds, cumin drug manufacturing using white can be done by boiling and then drink the cooking water. Plants that have been mentioned above can be used to treat tumors in the brain. Natural medicine is a natural remedy that is magical and highly recommended.